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Sonic Lab Cosmosf Saturn6

Sonic Lab Cosmosf Saturn6  ·  Source: Sonic Lab


Cosmosf sound design and sci-fi noise generation software rockets itself to a new milestone with the arrival of Saturn6. What on earth or any other planet is it all about?


Cosmosf Saturn6

I’ve been following and writing about the various updates to Cosmosf since I started writing for Gearnews and honestly, I am none the wiser about this extraordinary piece of software. I know that it generates sonic textures with various event distribution processes. I know that discrete sonic events of certain density are distributed in a time-space with their onset time and duration parameter calculated with stochastic/deterministic functions. And I am aware that the event distribution is a hierarchical embodiment of multiple time scales. But I just don’t know what any of that really means.

Within this universe somewhere there’s an event that can be described in terms of synthesis sound generation. Within a “Macro Event” can be up to 11 “Meso Events” which have synthesis elements such as LFO’s, filters, effects and so on. With each Meso Event there can be up to 11 “Micro Events” which are probably best seen as waveforms from an oscillator, wavetable or granular source. These events interact and cause movement and activity in each other. You have control over the conditions and elements in play. That is the best explanation I can come up with…. and I’ve no idea if I’m even close.

New in Saturn6 is a concept called “The Object” so that rather than sculpting the concrete sonic material, you can record all your gestures targeting all parameters which construct the sound object. Get it? The Object tracks 2150 parameters and can drive any preset in any direction you choose. I think I should let designer Sinan Bokesoy explain in this little Saturn6 video.


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Everything clear for you now? Great!

Saturn6 costs €139 or if you want the version with true ambisonic surround sound and OSC support then Saturn6S costs €169. And if you do buy a copy then please come and tell me what it’s all about – thanks!

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Sonic Lab Cosmosf Saturn6

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    Richard says:

    Question for folk who use this synth: what sort of music do you make?
    How does this fit into your mixes?
    How difficult / complex is the UI to learn?

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