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AudioPump TD-3 Pattern Tool

AudioPump TD-3 Pattern Tool  ·  Source: AudioPump


Whether you love or hate the authentically annoying TD-3 sequencer there’s now an online TD-3 Pattern Tool that will let you create and edit patterns directly on your little box of acid.


TD-3 Pattern Tool

Using a MIDI-enabled web browser you simply go to the webpage and the TD-3 Pattern Tool will suck in the sequence from your connected TD-3. All the patterns get displayed visually and you can create a library of them and choose which ones to save to your TD-3. Clicking on a pattern gives you an instant preview through your box.

In the editor you get a 16 step grid onto which you can place your notes. You can move the whole pattern up and down in pitch or side to side in time. The “Nudge” button will nudge random notes up and down or if you really want something new then the “Randomise” button will generate a whole new bass line. You can add in triplets, accents, slides and rests at the click of a mouse.

AudioPump TD-3 Pattern Tool

AudioPump TD-3 Pattern Tool · Source: AudioPump

You never have to be annoyed by the TD-3 sequencer ever again.


The TD-3 Pattern Tool is by AudioPump Inc and has no affiliation or Behringer to MusicTribe. It’s a very cool little app and appears to work like a dream. It has some other configuration tools in there too and the whole experience is a lot slicker than the Behringer Synth Tool. Good job!

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AudioPump TD-3 Pattern Tool

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4 responses to “Control your acid with the TD-3 Pattern Tool sequence editor”

    Noah Benzing says:

    This tool works great but the editor is a bit out dated and needs to look and operate more like Acid!

      PaulG says:

      On the one hand I kind of like what I think you mean. But, on the other, it is a bit vague to look more like ”acid”.
      Elaborate? (Maybe it was just a joke? I dunno.)

    where can I find something to program patterns for the Behringer td-3 to get some gritty ACID ! Thanks. 12 /13 /23 8:50pm

      Rob Puricelli says:

      Behringer has their own app, called Synthtribe, that features a sequence programmer for the TD-3. Visit Behringer’s ‘Download’ section to find it.

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