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Conductive Labs MRCC

Conductive Labs MRCC  ·  Source: Conductive Labs

Conductive Labs MRCC

 ·  Source: Conductive Labs

Got a desk overflowing with MIDI gear? Conductive Labs MIDI Router Control Centre (MRCC) could be what you need to take back control of your studio.


After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the MRCC is now open for general preorders. The idea is to come up with a box that will merge and route any MIDI input to any MIDI output via a massive collection of ports. This is the natural evolution of the MIDI Interface that bypasses the need for a computer and puts it all out there on the desk.

It has 6 MIDI input ports using 5 DIN sockets and a pair of those annoying MIDI Type A or B on minijack. Then there’s a bank of 4 bidirectional USB ports plus a host to PC if you so require. The MIDI Out side is more generous with 12 ports of 10 lots of DIN and 2 on minijack. It’s nothing if not comprehensive.

Everything can be done via a combination of buttons to merge and route things wherever you want. A good looking OLED screen gives you advanced functionality with MIDI monitoring and a routing matrix. Save your entire setup to memory for recall later.

What an amazingly useful machine. There’s more to come in the development as they plan to inject MIDI utilities such as arpeggiators, keyboard splits and layers, MIDI message monitor and more. There’s even a CV Clock output – nice!

The MRCC should get delivered in April and you can order one now for $379.

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