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When you find yourself sitting there fiddling with your phone, maybe messaging a few mates about going down the pub, wouldn’t be awesome to write songs together? Rather than sending each other emojis or animated gifs of hilarious things you could be sharing beats, knocking out tunes and creatively collaborating on something wonderful. That’s the idea behind MusicMessages, a collaborative step sequencer for the iMessage App Store.


On your iPhone screen you can see an 8 x 8 note sequencer grid – although this can scroll in all directions. You simply tap in the notes you want to trigger. There are a handful of instruments to choose from and a drum kit or two. Once you’ve got your beat or bassline going you can send it off to your mates who can then add further melody or percussive lines. They can edit what you did as well in order to begin the process of falling out with each other over creative differences.

The free version has 3 layers and a few sounds, whereas for 99 cents you can have 5 layers and 40 instruments. 3D touch and haptic feedback are supported on the latest iPhone models.

You can send your MusicMessages to as many people as you want. There’s no messing about with servers or logins, there’s no adverts or invasive tracking. Just fun music making, via a messaging app, with your mates.

More information on the MusicMessages website or in the iTune App Store.


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