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 ·  Source: Gearnews

 ·  Source: Gearnews

The A32 from Ferrofish was released last year, and is now fully stocked and shipping via its distributors. I visited BVE at the London Excel Centre and it was great to see the unit for the first time. It has received little coverage and hardly any reviews exist yet, which is a shame as it offers a high level of spec for the price.

The A32 has 32 input and 32 output analog connections on D-Sub’s, converting to and from the digital world via MADI or 4 ADAT connections. A headphone port is provided for line checking. The rear panel also offers 2 pairs of wordclock BNC connections, MIDI for remote control and redundant power supply connections.

I can’t tell you what the unit sounds like, of course, but based on the info and earlier product releases from Ferrofish, the converters here should be pretty good. (There aren’t any official THD figures to quote yet.) It definitely looks great with 4 bright TFT screens that have a very intuitive menu. It’s certainly impressive to see 64 analog channels and converters, MADI and ADAT connections, redundant power supplies and 258 routable DSP audio channels in a 1U rack space.

The price listed on Thomann is 1,727.52 GBP which is very impressive. There aren’t any direct alternatives out there that offer the same solution as the A32, but the possibilities now available for many studios to seriously up their channel count at a very reasonable cost is exciting. Several A32’s can be daisy chained together to achieve very high channel counts for those that need it, and with no added latency.

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