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BlinkWheel  ·  Source: Koka Nikoladze


BlinkWheel  ·  Source: Koka Nikoladze

Avid Hackspace experimenter, composer and violinist Koka Nikoladze has constructed a monophonic, 96 step, up to 10 sample, variable speed, electromechanical step sequencer. It’s programmed by the placement of LEDs and he’s calling it BlinkWheel.


The video was posted on the fabulous Mesmerizing Instruments and Sounds Facebook group. It shows this handmade wheel, clock face or turntable style device with a centre mounted arm that rotates. Attached to the arm is a small piece of wire. Whenever the wire makes contact with an anode leg of an LED it blinks and triggers something. At the same time, a voltage drop is measured across that LED. Different colours can produce different voltages and so trigger different things.

He says that the arm is driving the main loop and he plays it with three pedals. There’s no more information on these pedals at present.

It was made at the Bitraf Hackspace in Oslo and is one of many musical contraptions Koka has produced. As it is it’s fabulous to watch. I love the way naked electronics (LEDs) are being used to in the placement of steps and how the visual of the lights is also reflected in the changes to the music.

There’s no hint of the BlinkWheel being made available as some kind of product but it’s a joy to watch as it is.

More information

  • Koka’s website is simply awesome – go and have a play.
  • Koka’s Facebook page.


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