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Blackstar ID:Core v4

Blackstar ID:Core v4  ·  Source: Blackstar

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The Blackstar ID:Core v4 range adds a new neighbor-friendly 1-watt mode. And finally  USB-C connectivity. Could this revamped lineup be the perfect amp for home use?

Blackstar ID:Core v4

Blackstar’s ID:Core v4 is the brand’s popular line of practice amps, they were last updated back in 2021. Now, just in time for NAMM 2024, the relaunched range is back with some useful new features and keeps the ISF feature that is core to Blackstar’s sound.  ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) offers a British to American voicing via a single dial. The six amp voicings Clean, Clean Bright, Crunch, Super Crunch, OD 1 and OD 2 have also been improved this year.

Three Versions

Three models have been released, and they include the ID:Core 10 V4, 20 V4 and 40 V4. Each one going up in wattage (10 watts, 20 watts, and 40 watts ), though all have the key features for this year’s update.

All three models of the Blackstar ID:Core v4 series now come with a 1-watt mode. You can activate this at the push of a button at the top of the control panel.  They have also added a USB-C port which can be used directly as a four-channel audio interface.

USB-C Blackstar ID-aCore v4

Super Wide Stereo 

The Super Wide Stereo mode is still a large part of their sound, and Blackstar has made a new video all about this feature.

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Pricing & Availability of Blackstar ID:Core v4

The Blackstar ID:Core 10 V4 (3.7 KG) costs €219 at Thomann*. With the medium Blackstar ID:Core 20 V4 (5.2 KG) you get €249  at Thomann*.

And the larger Blackstar ID:Core 40 V4 (6.2 KG), the price at Thomann* is €279 euros. All three models are already available in 1-2 weeks. In addition, the two larger models can also be controlled with a foot switch*.

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Blackstar ID:Core v4

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