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Black Corporation Xerxes

Black Corporation Xerxes  ·  Source: Black Corporation

All we have is a couple of Instagram posts but it looks like Black Corporation, the people behind Deckard’s Dream, have built a clone of the Elka Synthex. They are calling it Xerxes.


Here’s the first image.

Let’s compare that to the original Elka.

Elka Synthex

Elka Synthex

Yep, that matches the main section of the front panel really well. The Synthex is an 8-voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer with 2 digitally controlled oscillators per note, individual envelopes, cross modulation and a multi-mode filter.

Doesn’t look like it has the sequencer of the original. Here’s another shot from the show.

Another shot from today’s show. #xerxessynth

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That is looking pretty lovely. More details should emerge soon.

More information

  • Deckard’s Dream website.
  • More from Black Corporation.
  • More about the Elka Synthex.
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