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Xmas Synth Gifts

Xmas Synth Gifts  ·  Source: Gearnews


Wondering what to buy a loved one who is into synthesizers? Look no further! Here are our top picks for gifts for the synth lover in your life.


Bjooks Synth Gems 1


SYNTH GEMS 1 · Source: Bjooks

A lovingly put together coffee table book exploring vintage synthesizers. You’ll find rate, weird and fabulous synths inside the pages enthusiastically described by Mike Metlay and represented by over 330 photos. It’s a great way to discover the history of synthesis and how sonic innovation shaped music forever. Synth Gems 1 also has a foreword by synth legend Vince Clarke.

  • Synth Gems – £55.
  • Bjooks website.
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Bjooks Synth Gems 1
Bjooks Synth Gems 1
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Eight Electronic Sound Advent Calendar

Electronic Sound Advent Calendar

Electronic Sound Advent Calendar · Source: Eight

Build a synthesizer is 24 steps over the course of Advent as a way of combining electronic sound with your personal religious expression of the coming saviour. There’s no doubt that baby Jesus would enjoy the soothing tones of your ambient noise drones. Behind each door is a component to plug into the breadboard and by Christmas eve you’ll be annoying your whole family with your tunes.

  • Electronic Sound Advent Calendar – £24.79
  • Eight website.

Befaco Synth Duster

Befaco Synth Duster

Befaco Synth Duster · Source: Befaco

Of course, you can use any old brush from anywhere but hey, this is Christmas and what could be better than a red brush custom made (probably) and designed expressly for keeping synths and modular dust free? It works too!

  • Befaco Synth Duster – £11.90
  • Befaco website.
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Befaco Synth Duster
Befaco Synth Duster
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Tesla Coil Bluetooth Speaker

Tesla Coil Speaker

Tesla Coil Speaker · Source: Amazon

It’s a Bluetooth speaker designed to look a bit like a record player with freakin’ lightning coming out of an inbuilt Tesla coil. Apparently, it will arc about 10cm and has a “tickling massage” feeling on your fingers and you shouldn’t really touch anything else on the device.

Sounds awesome to me!

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  • Available on Amazon here (affiliate link)

Music Thing Modular Mini Drive

Music Thing Modular Mini Drive

Music Thing Modular Mini Drive · Source: Thonk

A great DIY kit for beginners that will give you the overdrive circuit pulled from the Minimoog, or at least inspired by it. It’s a 4HP drive/distortion with a rather nice, warm and cuddly overdrive light. It has a single knob for more drive and high and low inputs. A simple build for a great little module that’s always going to fit nicely into any rack.

  • Mini Drive – £51.48
  • Buy from Thonk website.

Doepfer A-124 Wasp Filter

Doepfer Wasp Filter

Doepfer Wasp Filter · Source: Doepfer

It doesn’t matter what other filters are in the rack of the person who receives this module as a gift there’s always room for a Wasp. It’s grungy, cool and fierce in all the right places. The double CV inputs give you a lot of scope for manipulation and the unique way you can mix between low and high pass modes gives it a rather special flavour. Currently it’s even more fabulous with the special edition black front panel and yellow knobs.

  • Doepfer A-124 Wasp Filter – £71
  • Doepfer website.
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Doepfer A-124 Wasp Filter SE
Doepfer A-124 Wasp Filter SE
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LED Patchcables

ProducerTools LED PatchCables

ProducerTools LED PatchCables · Source: ProducerTools

Patchcables contain bi-colour LEDs in the barrels which give you a visual indication of the voltage signal running through them. They will illuminate your rack in either Red-Green or Red-Blue with black or transparent cables. They are fabulous for modulations and seeing what’s going on in live performance.

  • Patchcables – £22 each.
  • Producertools-hardware website.

MyVolts CandyCords

CandyCords are beautiful and useful cables that could sort out that mess of spaghetti you call a studio. They are robust, hardwearing and virtually untangleable. They’ve got a range of styles with straight and curly wires, straight and right-angled ends, regular and mini jacks. Prices start at €8 for a single cable with €35 for a six-pack or €150 for a bit of everything. This is currently a Kickstarter and so it’s touch and go whether you’d receive them by Christmas but they look fantastic, I love the colours and they’ve already reached their goal.

  • CandyCords from €8
  • Kickstarter page.

Molten Modular Mug

Molten Modular Mug

Molten Modular Mug · Source: Molten Modular

The best thing for drinking coffee out of this Christmas morning is a Molten Modular mug. Designed by me and available in a stunning array of life-enhancing colours finished off with an awesome design that will remind you to get back to patching as soon as you put it down.

  • Molten Modular Mug – £15
  • Molten Modular shop page.
Xmas Synth Gifts

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    Klemen Kotar says:

    Got the Synth Gems book, it’s excellent.

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