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Behringer Eurorack pedal mockup

Behringer Eurorack pedal mockup  ·  Source: Behringer

Would you like to fill your rack with guitar effects pedals in Eurorack format? This is the best crazy idea I’ve heard in ages.


Many synth and modular uses incorporate guitar pedals into their setups. Pedals are quick, easy, relatively cheap and don’t take up any of your valuable HP. But what if you could mount those pedals directly into your rack? Well in a post on Facebook Behringer is wondering whether it would be an interesting idea and so has reached out to their fanbase to test the water along with this mind-boggling mock-up.

Behringer Eurorack pedal mockup

Behringer Eurorack pedal mockup

Behringer has cloned pretty much every stompbox on the planet and says it could sell a Eurorack version for $29 each – that’s pretty appealing. There’s something about the simplicity of a guitar pedal that makes them so easy to drop into a hardware setup without getting all bogged down with multi-effects units or software. They also suggest that it could be a way for guitarists to build a rack of effects. I’m sure they’d come up with some kind of Eurorack instrument interface.

Most of the comments on the post so far think it’s a good idea but would welcome CV inputs for modulation and perhaps make them not so wide. Although CV would be nice I’m sure Behringer could make proper patchable Eurorack effects whereas these are simply for instant effects satisfaction – you route audio through them! They do seem to have an “ON” button which I like to see replaced with a Bypass button which makes more sense to me.

What do you think?

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12 responses to “Behringer’s latest crazy idea is to port guitar pedals to Eurorack”

  1. Digiphex says:

    If they had CV control I would. Otherwise no, not worth the HP.

  2. Paul Boos says:

    OK, I’d definitely get a ported Earthquaker Rainbow Machine if they can also put some of its effects like Pitch, Magic, and Timing under CV control…. Earthquaker says they have no plans.

  3. Ugo says:

    If they mean it for guitar, I don’t see the point, since there is no foot control for effects. You would need a separate foot controller making everything more expensive than having a traditional pedalboard. Not to mention, that you become limited to Behringer stomps only.

  4. Nis says:

    Z’vex do it looooong taim ago.

  5. Martin Edwards says:

    Seems like a good idea for keyboardists and not a bad idea for guitarists as many already use midi foot controllers. Once one company gets involved there is nothing to stop others releasing existing until in eurorack format

  6. This is not a new idea.
    Take a look at most of the biggest names in Eurorack. 4MS, Melekko, and many others STARTED as pedal companies that did modular stuff on the side.
    Aside form that, I wonder if the pedals illustrated are all designs that Behringer is going to ‘borrow’ for future products?

  7. John says:

    For $29 a pop? FYEAH. I like knobs I can get my fingers on effects I don’t have to dumpster dive on. Yeah, I have an H9, so what, simple stuff rocks.

  8. W says:

    A foot button that bypasses everything in use ,to just the one you want alone, instantly. Instead of just adding another effect to your current in use pedals.
    i.e. If I use Chorus and Delay on rhythm for a song and I want to go to distortion for a lead without them on.
    Maybe and/ or a foot button that is a standby with a group of pedals waiting to be switched on but with out abruptly cutting off the previous sound. So they overlap.

  9. Bernard Hunke says:

    I could not comment on it until I’ve tried it out personally. I am a fan of testing and practicality. I couldn’t take others word on it. Tried a few new devices before and now they are unsupported and almost useless.

  10. Doppler says:

    Exactly what I’m trying to do from scratch with DIY pedals… ^^

    People thinking no footswitch makes it useless for guitarists miss the point. Footswitching can be done with a pedal board activating relays, no midi needed just a 5v circuits.

    Yes it is more expensive, but not that much if you DIY, each relay addon costing around 15$ (footswitch + relay system + wires) with high end components (including a 10$ footswitch).

    But it makes pedal controls finally useful live because you don’t have to crawl on the ground to manipulate your settings (and also you get dead silent switching, way longer lifespan as relays can be activated way more times than simple footswitches, and easier repair : footswitch is dead ? Just change it in the board, no need to open your effect and struggle with a crowded box).

    In fact for a DIYer it may just cost less than 1$, as we already need to pay for a footswitch no matter what, and we tend to use relays in stompboxes anyway to get silent switching. In this scenario all it costs is 2m of cable per pedal.

    This principle is the most ergonomic effect control guitarist can get.

  11. Antonio Rodríguez says:

    I´ve been dreaming on a modular standard sistem for guitar effects since I saw it in Craig Anderton´s book. I´m tweeking my pedals all the time and I´m tired of reaching the pedals on the floor with my hands and a big guitar hanging. As a matter of fact, I have my pedalboard vertical on a stand, 1m away from the floor. The footswtcher should not be a problem

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