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Behringer Wing

Behringer Wing  ·  Source: Behringer

We’ve been led on a merry dance of teases but it will all come to an end on Friday 22nd November when Behringer will reveal what this WING thing has been all about.


I love a bit of game-changing, that revolutionary idea that’s going to turn the industry on its head. We get one of those a week in this innovative market we call music technology. So, apparently, this is about where Behringer came from, what they’ve been journeying to over the last 30 years and somehow they’ve managed to keep a really tight lip on it. The general consensus is that it’s some kind of mixer or mixing system which doesn’t sound that interesting to me but who knows. We all like surprises.

Here are the tease videos that got us to this point and we’ll see what next Friday brings.

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