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Behringer RD-9 RD-909 Prototype

Behringer RD-9 RD-909 Prototype  ·  Source: eBay

Behringer RD-9 RD-909 Prototype

Behringer RD-9 RD-909 Prototype  ·  Source: eBay

Behringer RD-9 RD-909 Prototype

Behringer RD-9 RD-909 Prototype  ·  Source: stoneheavysound - eBay

While Behringer fans bemoan the delayed release of the RD-9 some enterprising geezer from Stockport, UK has the original prototype for sale – or so he says.

RD-909 or is it RD-9?

Can this be legit? We’ve seen a couple of prototypes of the Behringer RD-9 since the announcement on 909 day in 2018. The original one was labelled the “RD-909” and it’s only recently that we’ve seen a version with “RD-9” on it after Roland stepped in with some lawyers. Oddly, in the photos on the eBay listing we appear to have both versions. Now I like to think the best of everyone but that’s got to indicate that these are not photos of an actual product that this person possesses.

The seller calls themselves “stoneheavysound” and operates out of Stockport. That’s not far from Manchester where Music Tribe has a research lab that brought us the first Behringer synths and the RD-8. So it’s not out of the realms of possibility that this person has come into possession of the original RD-9 prototype. But if so then why the bizarre photos that look like they’ve been grabbed from Facebook or Youtube. The main image is the same as Uli Behringer used in a Facebook post about an RD-9 update in January.

Behringer RD-9 RD-909 Prototype

Apparently these are photos of the same prototype drum machine he’s selling.

Checking out their other listings they have a rare £2 coin for which they are asking £7,504 – Buy It Now! But otherwise they have 100% good feedback on 17 other items.

Facebook commentary on the listing has suggested that the images and others sent privately to interested parties actually show 4 different variants of the Behringer drum machine. What is this guy playing at?

Currently after 3 bids the price stands at £520 which isn’t bad for a piece of Behringer drum machine history. But it seems very unlikely that this is genuine and I would suggest exercising some caution before placing a bid.

It has 4 days to go and it will be interesting to see if it stays up for the remainder of its listing.

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One response to “Behringer RD-9 (RD-909) prototype pops up on eBay!”

  1. Stephen 2000 says:

    Sounds like a scam to me … Ignore the “positive” feedback they create multiple accounts and then build up their positive status by buying their own postings … Be very cautious..

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