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Behringer K-2 MKII

Behringer K-2 MKII  ·  Source: GEARNEWS/Behringer/All Canada Photos/Alamy Stock Foto


Behringer K-2 MKII is the new version of the manufacturer’s remake of the legendary MS-20! While Behringer has yet to reveal the details, you can already probably order the K-2 MKII today soon!


[Update 14 May 2024] While the Behringer K-2 MKII was briefly available to order from Thomann yesterday, the release has now apparently been postponed. We’ll keep you updated!

Behringer K-2 MKII

When the Behringer K-2 came out in 2019, it was part of the manufacturer’s first “synth wave”. Modeled after the legendary Korg MS-20, the K-2 is a two-oscillator semi-modular monosynth with the characteristic screaming dual filter. It also features the MS-20’s ingenious signal processor, which enables you to process external audio signals and even use them to control the synth.

Behringer is now working to update some of its earliest synths. The RD-8 already got an upgrade. Next up is the K-2 MKII – and you can already probably order yours today soon! While Behringer isn’t at Superbooth, we assume that the timing of this release is no coincidence.

Behringer has yet to reveal the full details about the upgrade. As of now, we don’t know exactly what sets it apart from the first version. When the RD-8 MKII came out, Behringer said that they’d redesigned the circuitry with upgraded components to get even closer to the sound of the original. We assume that the new Behringer K-2 MKII has received a similar upgrade, but as of now, that’s pure speculation. We’ll keep you updated when we find out more!


Price and availability

The Behringer K-2 MKII is now available to order will be available soon from Thomann* for $261 / £253 / €289. The shipping date is unknown at this point.

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Behringer K-2 MKII
Behringer K-2 MKII

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Behringer K-2 MKII

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2 responses to “Behringer K-2 MKII: The MS-20 Clone gets an Update!”

    James Hanington says:

    Hopefully some additionsthat were sorely missed on the OG MS-20. PWM, osc sync, that sort of thing.

    David Simons says:

    Hopefully the new Behringer ms20 will be fully compatible with normal CV / gate stuff like eurorack without having to buy & waste space on lots of interfaces. If they wanted to be authentic they should’ve charged a bit more & added a selector switch for hertz volt. I’ve avoided it so far due to this.

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