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Behringer Model D x 4

Behringer Model D x 4  ·  Source: Behringer

The Model D Warp Drive tease was ambiguous enough to make you think it could mean all sorts of things. But the latest little tease video makes it pretty clear than the Model D Warp Drive is all about polyphony.

Model 4D?

The video has a nice backing track full of synth stabs as a row of four Ds comes onto the screen. That says to me it’s going to be a 4-voice polyphonic Model D – perhaps a “Model 4D” if you will.

No, I can’t see it as being anything else, this could be the start of the Behringer polysynths (Deepmind aside of course). Who knows where next week will take us? Tell us what you think in the comments.

More information

  • Behringer’s Facebook post.

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