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Novation Bass Station II firmware update

Novation Bass Station II firmware update  ·  Source: Novation


Nothing happens to the Bass Station II for years and then we get two significant firmware updates with little time between them. This latest firmware update features an AFX Mode inspired by Aphex Twin (Richard James) vision of what the Bass Station II could be capable of.


Bass Station II V4.14

Hot on the heels of the paraphonic mode, filter tracking and microtuning we had in version 2.5 the strangely number V4.14 adds five new features. Along with the AFX Mode we get fixed duration envelopes, extended sub-oscillator control, oscillator glide diverge, and envelope retrigger count.

But more importantly, what’s AFX Mode all about? With regards to Richards James’ input here’s what Novation had to say:

Letting his imagination run riot, James envisioned the decidedly radical notion of having a discrete set of synthesis parameters assigned to each note of Bass Station II, either variations on a ‘seed’ patch, or disparate sounds designed to constitute a chimeric whole. Although this sort of thing could already be kludged using very fast program change messages, having multiple sounds active at the same time would clearly be a far more creative and efficient system.

So AFX Mode lets you modify your Bass Station II patch on a key-by-key basis. Each key plays its own sound, or perhaps introduce variations as you go up and down the keys, or divide the keyboard into zones, or octaves of sounds. Design yourself percussive sounds and have a whole drum kit mapped across the keys – and then hit the arpeggiator. The possibilities are of course endless but also just doing simple adjustments could create an awesomely dynamic patch.


Check it out in this video:

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The update is free and is applied via the Novation Components content management software.

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  • Everything you need to know is here.
Novation Bass Station II firmware update

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