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Bare Knuckle Pickups UK Tim Mills Northlane Josh Smith

Bare Knuckle Impulse  ·  Source:

Bare Knuckle Pickups UK Tim Mills Northlane Josh Smith

Josh Smith of Northlane  ·  Source:

Bare Knuckle pickups are all hand-wound in the UK by Tim Mills and his team down in the south west of England. The company has gained an international reputation for their pickups. These new Impulse humbuckers were designed for Josh Smith of the group Northlane and are geared towards use on baritone guitars or those with heavier gauge strings.


The new Impulse pickup has a unique look and it will possibly divide opinion (I like it though). However, you can buy it in an uncovered ‘normal’ looking  humbucker version as well. But aside from the looks, the specs are very interesting. The pickup is designed to to have a neutral mid-range tone while allowing for the tone of low-tuned instruments. They can handle those low frequencies with ease, according to the Bare Knuckle blurb on their site. They are avilable in 6- or 7-string versions and in various different finishes, including the one pictured. They use Alnico V magnets and have the following outputs: bridge pickup is 12.7 KΩ and neck pickup is 7.9 KΩ.

I have to say that I am a big fan of Tim’s work and own loads of his pickups in my guitars. His business is local to me, and he has done lots of rewinding work for me personally. On top of all of this he is a genuinely great guitar player himself and knows a thing or two about winding pickups.

These pickups should appeal to contemporary players, judging by the details on their site suggesting that they are designed to work well with fuzz and distortion sounds. I imagine they could prove very popular.

There are audio demos on the Bare Knuckle website along with all the different finish options as well.

Six string set GBP RRP £220-250

Seven string set GBP RRP £270-£270

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