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Avid NEXIS Storage System

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Avid are describing their new NEXIS systems as “the world’s first and only software-defined storage platform, enabling fully virtualized storage for all media environments”. Whilst this American-ised promotional language is painful, let’s be honest, selling storage to creative people can’t be easy. We all know we need it and it’s the first thing to go wrong on a Monday morning, but we don’t take enough care in this industry as a whole. Well thankfully, it looks like Avid have designed a system to take care of things for us; the Avid NEXIS.

What is Avid NEXIS?

It’s taken me a while to understand the basics of Avid’s NEXIS system, due to the over-worded material on their site. However, reading between the lines you start to realise what it’s all about and why they’ve presented it like this. Avid NEXIS obviously plays a fundamental role in the ‘Avid Everywhere’ program that was launched when their new CEO joined. Louis Hernandez Jr came to Avid with a strong background in IT and computing, so this is clearly a result of his input which I’ve been keen to see. Whilst I’m not a fan of the marketing techniques, there’s significant technological improvements for our industry here, which I hope will become affordable.

In essence, the NEXIS systems are a range of scalable units that can facilitate media management for a team of professionals. This in it’s largest form, might be for a broadcasting company where video editors, graphic designers and audio professionals need access to the same material associated with a project at the same time. Regardless of your role, or the software you’re using including third-party applications such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut, you can access and work on the same material that is stored centrally, or even across the web. Security is obviously a key feature of the NEXIS systems, and along with various project settings, the level of security can be controlled on a project by project basis.

The NEXIS systems are Avid’s latest and greatest storage solutions for all their pro applications, eventually replacing their ISIS systems. (It is a more appropriate name don’t you think!) Albeit feels like it’s from another generation, I’ve had much experience with the DigiDelivery systems of yester-year. I miss having such a unit, and I hope I get to experience a NEXIS system in use soon. Especially while the new Cloud Collaboration in Pro Tools is surprisingly restrictive.

See this webpage for more information on the available Avid NEXIS systems. Prices aren’t publicly available as you’re expected to contact your local dealer, which suggests they’re expensive and highly customisable. However, even if you’re running a small business, they still promise they have the flexible storage solution for you.


Check out this promotional video by Avid, introducing the Avid NEXIS system on their YouTube channel. Here they really are going in for the sell, with what is potentially a very boring subject. Shame the audio post production has left the music too high in the second half of the film, so that you can’t hear what the narrator is trying to say. Mind you, it would probably be like listening to a politician avoiding the subject.

… and in case that wasn’t American enough for you, then they also released this video with some even more unhelpful promotional phrases:

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