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Avantone Gauss 7

Avantone Gauss 7  ·  Source: Avantone Gauss 7


Avantone has resurrected another resounding name of the audio industry with the Gauss 7 reference monitor. Labeled ‘a tribute to greatness’, the Gauss 7 aims to deliver the sonic qualities of vintage monitors while being built to modern standards using modern technology. At just under $800 per pair, that sounds like a clear winner.


Avantone Gauss 7

Speakers made by the Gauss Speaker Company were a studio staple throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s. Avantone, known for its replicas of the equally famous Auratones and Yamaha NS-10Ms, is bringing back the Gauss brand with the introduction of the Gauss 7 reference monitor. Unlike the other two, however, the Gauss 7 isn’t trying to be an exact replica of any particular vintage speaker. Instead, it uses modern concepts to deliver the “proper (low-end) bang” (Avantone) that old-school monitors are cherished for.

Avantone Gauss 7

Avantone Gauss 7 · Source: Avantone

The Gauss 7 is a two-way, bi-amped design. It features a rear-ported bass reflex cabinet made of hybrid, medium density fiberboard with wood veneer. While it takes clues from Avantone’s AV10-MLF, the 7″ woofer is actually a new development, the company says. Its cone consists of the same blend of wood pulp and glass fiber as their NS-10 replacement speaker, but the thicker material delivers “hard snap” and a fast transient response, Avantone claims.

Custom AMT tweeter

For the tweeter, they’ve chosen an AMT design, the same folded membrane concept found in speakers by Adam Audio, HEDD and a few others. The GAU-AMT tweeter was designed to deliver great stereo imaging while maintaining a small vertical throw to minimize unwanted reflections, Avantone says. The membrane consists of folded PET film, which was chosen for its frequency response and low resonance. The manufacturer states a frequency response of up to 22 kHz.

The Class D amp modules deliver 120 watts for the lows and 60 watts for the highs. On the back, there’s a gain control (±6 dB), an acoustic placement switch (-4 dB, -2 dB, 0 dB) and a HF trim switch (-2 dB, 0 dB, +2 dB). You can choose from balanced XLR and TRS inputs.


Bottom line is, there are very few things here that resemble a vintage Gauss speaker except the name. But if the Avantone Gauss 7 delivers the smooth response and accurate stereo field the manufacturer promises, it’s an attractive new option for a budget-friendly reference monitor.


  • System Type: Active Full-Range Two-Way Stereo Pair
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz-22,000Hz
  • Cabinet: Bass Reflex design, hybrid medium-density fiberboard with real wood veneer
  • LF Driver: 7” (178mm) Ferrite Motor
  • HF Driver: 2.5” (65mm) AG-AMT
  • LF Amplifier Power: 120 W
  • HF Amplifier Power: 60 W
  • Amplifier: Bi-Amped Class D
  • SPL: 103dB (Peak)
  • THD: 0.5%
  • Controls: Gain (±6dB) / Acoustic Placement (-4dB, -2dB, 0db) / High Trim (-2dB, 0dB, +2dB)
  • Inputs: Balanced TRS / XLR

Price and availability

The Avantone Gauss 7 will ship globally in early June 2021 with a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) of USD 799 / EUR 799 per pair.

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Avantone Gauss 7

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