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Audio Damage ADM23 EOS

Audio Damage ADM23 EOS  ·  Source: Audio Damage


Audio Damage have released the ADM23 EOS reverb module. It’s a code-identical hardware version of their Eos reverb plug-in, with the same superb SuperHall and Plate algorithms.



The Eos reverb has apparently been a long-time favourite of their plug-in users. So it was a good choice for conversion into the emerging world of modular synthesis. Dedicated effect modules are a growing area in Eurorack. There’s a number of simple multi-effects units but fewer that focus on a single process and dedicate a lot of space and control to it. The ADM23 Eos has certainly done that!

There are controls for mix, room size, attack/decay, modulation, diffusion, pre-delay and color. Everything you need for full control over the two SuperHall and Plate algorithms. It’s nicely laid out, if a little wide for HP starved Euroracks.

Audio Damage tell us that the SuperHall algorithm “is designed to emulate the incredibly long, chorusy reverb tails heard on Harold Budd/Brian Eno records”. Whereas the Plate algorithm “is a unique implementation of the traditional digital plate, rich and full, perfect for drum and vocal simulation”.


The I/O is 24bit, 32bit floating point at 48kHz. Running in true stereo or just use the left side for mono or mono-to-stereo.

Apparently, they’ve had delivery of the first few units. But they are now on their way to Superbooth in Berlin and so you’ll have to wait a week to get your hands on one.

The price is not on the website yet but is rumoured to be close to $500. Or you can pick up the plug-in for $49. Which does raise the question of the value of porting plug-ins to hardware. Is it, perhaps, to do with economies of scale? If the R&D and programming only warrant a $49 price tag, does that mean there’s $450 worth of hardware in the module? That’s all far too simplistic, of course, but it’s an interesting development and I wonder how Audio Damage approach it.

More information on the Audio Damage website.

Audio Damage ADM23 EOS

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