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Audio Damage Continua

Audio Damage Continua  ·  Source: Audio Damage

Audio Damage Continua

Audio Damage Continua  ·  Source: Audio Damage

Audio Damage says they want to buck the trend of “Robocop” wavetable synths and bring us something warm, deep and lovely to get excited about. It’s called Continua and it’s a virtual analog polysynth.


Is it still possible to get excited about a virtual analog synthesizer plugin? Of course it is! Audio Damage has gone for thick and creamy for this adventure into fat circuit-driven sounds. The 3 oscillators are a threesome of fun, effortlessly morphing into and out of each other with interconnected controls that define the waveshape. Inject some noise and cross-modulation and the possibilities for bliss are endless.

The filters can also get in on the morphing action moving smoothly between low, high and bandpass modes eager for some more modulation. And that comes in the form of a pair of ADSR envelopes, two Flexible Envelope Generators (sort of envelope sequencers) four LFOs and a Sample & Hold. Every knob is a destination for modulation.

Fingertip or mouse control comes alive in the shape of two X/Y pads and 8 macro knobs that can be assigned to anything you like and as much as you like. And then at the end are some of Audio Damage premium effects in chorus, delay, reverb and 8 distortion algorithms.

Audio Damage says that from the beginning it was designed with MPE control in mind and works brilliantly with all the current MPE controllers. Although it will work just fine with regular MIDI.

Continua sounds deep and enveloping just like an analog polysynth should. The smoothness of the morphing lends it an emotional air that keeps on taking you to new and yet familiar places. The look of the GUI is modern, clear and animated in all the right ways. That’s lovely.

Continua is available now for $79 on MacOS or Windows and will be available soon on the iPad.

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