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Auburn Sounds Panagement 2

Auburn Sounds Panagement 2  ·  Source: Auburn Sounds


Auburn Sounds has released Panagement 2, an update for its binaural panning processor. Among other improvements, Panagements 2 adds integrated reverb and delay effects to its predecessor’s already quite comprehensive spatial positioning tools. This gives you even more control over your audio signal’s journey through space.


Controlling the panning and spatial positioning of each signal is a major part of the mixing process, even if you start your mix in mono. Most DAWs come with built-in tools for the task. Auburn Sounds Panagement 2 goes a step further than most imaging plug-ins. In addition to letting you position a signal anywhere in the stereo field, it also offers width and tilt controls that allow you to shape the sonic footprint of stereo signals in your mix, as well as an LFO for adding movement.

Panagement 2 comes with reverb and delay

The latest version of Panament includes built-in reverb and delay effects. That makes a lot of sense, as those effects are instrumental in defining how near or far a signal is perceived. The reverb offers five room presets with different wall materials. It automatically sets the levels of early and late reflections, based on the distance setting. The binaural delay includes a diffusion setting, which controls the perceived distance of the echos. According to Auburn Sounds, the reverb can feed into the delay, for an more diffuse sounds. Both effects offer various parameters for adjustment, as well as individual on/off buttons and wet amount controls.

If you’d like to make a signal move around in space, the integrated LFO lets you modulate panning, distance, and a few other parameters. Auburn Sounds says that it can also do reverb ducking.

Free and full versions

Quite unbelievably, Auburn Sounds is offering the basic version of Panagement 2 for free. The free version includes almost everything, except the delay and the mysterious “PGMT-400 chip”, which sits in the lower right corner of the GUI. We don’t know exactly what this “chip” does, except that it offers various algorithm “mods” and that Auburn Sounds seems to be pretty excited about it. The full version, which includes the delay and PGMT-400, costs EUR 29 and is currently on sale for EUR 24.65.

Auburn Sounds Panagement 2 is available for Windows (VST2, VST3, AAX, 32/64 bit) and macOS (AU, VST2, VST3, AAX, 64 bit).

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Auburn Sounds Panagement 2

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