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Arturia FX Collection 3

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Arturia choose the summer time to update its FX Collection 3 with really good new stuff! Here’s the gist of it: they added 4 new effects – Efx FRAGMENTS, Tape MELLO-FI, Dist OPAMP-21, and Dist TUBE-CULTURE. They also provided 60 new presets to Efx FRAGMENTS and updated the rest of the plug-ins (26 in total) with oversampling, A/B comparison, and overhauled user interfaces.


Arturia FX Collection 3

FX Collection 3 puts together 26 effects plug-ins of all kinds. There are both analog gear emulations and outright digital tools at your disposal, all executed with Arturia’s undisputed competence. The developer exemplifies the “a bit of the old and a bit of the new” mantra in the best way, combinining appropriately enhanced emulations of classic studio equipment with innovative modern effects.


Here’s more about each of the 4 effects coming to FX Collection 3:

  • Dist TUBE-CULTURE – valve flavors and colors courtesy of reimagining one of the tube-est saturation units ever – the Thermionic Culture Vulture. Arturia won’t tell you that due to potential licensing hiccups, but it is what it is.
  • Dist OPAMP-21 – audio saturation effect inspired by a ‘direct to PA’ guitar pedal. That’s most likely a Tech-21 SansAmp unit of some kind (there are many). It dishes out gritty tube-like harmonics and high-gain transistor crunch. When you really dial in one of these, they sound fantastic. Joe Satriani recorded a whole album with just a SansAmp emulation, his producers threw some posh analog gear at the tracks because they could, and called it a day!
  • Efx FRAGMENTS – Granular glitch and modulation effects insansity. It’s freaking awesome! Read my review.
  • Tape MELLO-FI – Chill atmospheric sounds and lo-fi vibes achieved via straightforward preamp, modulation, and filter/output emulation sections.

New features in Arturia FX Collection 3

  • Oversampling – the Dist OPAMP-21 and Dist TUBE-CULTURE plug-ins include two oversampling modes. ‘Live’ offers improved low-latency performance at lower CPU usage while ‘Studio’ offers higher quality audio but with a CPU hit.
  • A/B comparison – users can quickly compare between two different configurations of each effect. It can be existing presets, edited preset, or completely custom settings. Regardless, configurations can be copied between between A and B.
  • Improved interfaces – every effect has had an interface overhaul with easier preset browsing, smoother loading times, and more.
  • Updated effects – Delay BRIGADE has a new name and refreshed interface design. Efx FRAGMENTS has easier click/drag interaction and 60 brand-new factory presets.
  • Content – FX Collection 3 has over 250 factory presets, in-app tutorials, and tailored production tips.

Price and availability

FX Collection 3 is now available at the introductory price of EUR 299 . This offer is valid until July 7, 2022. After that, the price rises to EUR 399. You can get the software here at Thomann *.

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Arturia FX Collection 3

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Arturia FX Collection 3

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