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Anasounds boutique effects pedals handmade in France

Anasounds boutique effects pedals handmade in France  ·  Source: Anasounds


French company Anasounds uses wooden fascias on its range of boutique effects pedals, giving their products an eye-catching look that stands out from the crowd. The latest is the fluttery, buttery Utopia Delay pedal. But how will they hold up under heavy use?



The company consists of a young team headed by Alexandre Ernandez, whose stated goal is to produce elegant-looking pedals with a “stunning vintage analog tone”. By using a wooden faceplate on a metal chassis, the Anasound pedal line-up has a very distinctive look and feel. Also of note is the way the logo on the pedals lights up when the effects are engaged, which I thought was a really nice touch.

I hope that the binding of the wooden faceplate to the metal chassis is strong enough to stand being stomped on gig after gig; time will tell, I am sure. There have been a few other pedals that use wood in their construction, including the reissue of the Gary Hurst Tone Bender MK1 fuzz pedal and they seem to have survived okay, but he only ever made 50 of them, making it difficult to compare.

Analogue aesthetics

Anasounds currently has nine products in its portfolio, and we expect others to follow. The French company offers a quite the range of effect types, from modulation to delay, from compression to distortion. Its most recent pedal effect is the Utopia Tape Echo with Modulation, a vintage tape-style echo, which is presented in the video below.

Current models and prices

  • Savage MKII Reissue des legendären Klon Centaur Overdrive – 209,00 Euro
  • Cerberus Custom Overdrive – 229,00 Euro
  • Freq Up Clean Boost / Overdrive – 199,00 Euro
  • Utopia Tape Echo with Modulation – 209,00 Euro
  • Feed Me BC108 Silicon Fuzz – 185,00 Euro
  • Bitoun Fuzz Octaved Double Fuzz – 229,00 Euro
  • Phase Lag OTA Phaser – 209,00 Euro
  • Lazy Comp Compressor – 199,00 Euro
  • Bumper Buffer + Pickup Garnish – 99,00 Euro

Utopia Delay

The Utopia Delay pedal has those classic fluttery tape-delay tones you normally associate with effects like the Echoplex. I really like the simple user interface, so combined with the beautifully finished exterior and great tone, it makes for a very classy, well-rounded pedal on many levels.


Annasounds are one to watch for in 2017, and I will be keeping a close eye on Alexandre Ernandez and his new products from now on!

Anasounds product page


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Anasounds boutique effects pedals handmade in France

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