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Mooer Mooergan

New for 2016 a pocket sized organ.  ·  Source:

Mooer pedals have been very popular the last few years and the company is now pretty well known for their mini pedals series. New for 2016, this Mooergan ‘organ simulator’ pedal has some interesting ways of squeezing large organs into a compact package.

First off, at the time of writing this i have only heard a prototype version on YouTube and haven’t seen one in the flesh as yet. The idea is to get a big organ sound into a small ‘pedal’ box. It does this digitally and appears to use a number of different effects to do so, including chorus to – ahem – thicken the sound out somewhat.

There are three settings on the front panel, each with a different character to them: Shining, Hard and Vintage. You control the amount of these using the Organ control combined with the dry signal and then add Mod to ‘give it some wobble’. It is polyphonic and so can handle chords and octaves, for example. The demos I have heard have all tracked really well in terms of there being no noticeable latency. In all the videos I have seen it seems to be good at reacting to the dynamics of your playing and so combined with the blend of dry signal and fast, low latency tracking would make a quite expressive effect for players to use.

I like Mooer pedals and use a few of their modulation units myself. My only concern with this new one is its limited appeal; you could only use it on a few tracks before it became monotonous. This may not be turn into a huge seller, but nevertheless could be fun if you like making odd noises. I honestly don’t think it sounds like any organs I recognise and am not sure what models the three settings are actually based upon in the first place. Hopefully, we will get some more information about these three settings when these pedals officially launch in the UK. Their website it still very vague on any details of the effect as yet.

As with all the models in the Mooer mini pedal series, the Mooregan will require an external DC power supply. No official RRP has been published as yet in the UK, although a few US stores have them listed at USD $124.99.




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