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AMS Neve 1073SP X

The good old Neve 1073 is back for another rodeo!  ·  Source: AMS Neve

AMS Neve 1073SP X

The Neve 1073 is back for another rodeo!  ·  Source: AMS Neve


Rupert Neve Designs is on a roll this month! Following the 535 diode bridge compressor‘s introduction – a module that recreates the classic Neve 2254 compressor – the famed British audio gear maker is now reissuing its famous 1073 microphone pre-amplifier.


Chances are you’ve tinkered with simulated software versions of this coveted piece of vintage kit, or even purchased a hardware pre-amp (such as the popular Golden Age Project Pre 73) that draws upon Rupert Neve’s time-tested work. If that’s the case, you know full well how running a vocal track through the 1073’s circuitry results in a warm, musical tonality that makes anyone sound really good, no matter the mic used for recording. Or if that isn’t your thing, overdrive the pre-amp at will and get great-sounding distortion!

Point is, the 1073 is revered for a reason, and seeing it brought to modern-day audio enthusiasts by the guys with the utmost legitimacy to do so is quite a delight!


The AMS Neve 1073SPX is an exact recreation of the 70s original, complete with matched components for a true-to-form sound. There’s the Class-A mic pre-amp, along with the 3-band parametric equalizer with high-pass filter. While that’s enough to get you the 1073 sound, AMS Neve improved the original design with new functionality suitable for modern times.

This includes an integrated DI input, phantom power for condenser mics, a selectable Insert, level meters, an output level control, and front input connectors. An optional audio interface with AES and FireWire connectivity can be built into the 19-inch rack unit at order, enabling digital connections with mastering-grade converters at different sample rates.

Overall, the availability of this pre-amp will be a blessing for big-budget engineers looking for an authentic 1073 pre-amp that’s priced fairly and fully serviceable by AMS Neve. Those with less spending ability need not weep, though, for the 1073 is simulated very convincingly in software form and obtaining the big, juicy, musical Neve sound on a budget is legitimately possible, thanks to modern technology.

Price and availability

AMS Neve is already selling the 1073 SPX for 2695 USD / 1695 GBP. The steep price tag is only appropriate for a high-end mic pre-amp of this caliber and fits in nicely within industry-standard pricing. With the 1073 back on the line, the market for high-end pre-amps feels truly complete.

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AMS Neve 1073SP X

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