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Akai Pro iMPC for Samsung Galaxy

Akai Pro iMPC for Samsung Galaxy  ·  Source: Akai Pro

Akai Pro iMPC for Samsung Galaxy

Akai Pro iMPC for Samsung Galaxy  ·  Source: Akai Pro

The iMPC app from Akai Pro is making the move from iOS to Android. Currently, it’s only supported on Samsung Galaxy devices as an in-app purchase inside Samsung’s Soundcamp DAW.


It’s a virtual MPC sample beat making box thing. The styling is instantly vintage Akai and it looks fabulous on the screen. It comes with over 1200 samples, 50 programs, 80 sequences and the functionality of this classic beat machine. You can create beats on the fly using over-dubs and effects. There’s quantise from 1/8 to 1/32T available as well as some serious swing. A “Note Variation” slider gives you real-time control over 16 levels of attack, velocity, length and tuning.

Sampling can be done directly from the mic on the Samsung device, or from the line input. You can also sample from other music libraries using the multi-touch turntable interface. It’s a sort of pseudo DJ way to sample other bits of audio using a virtual record player – it’s hard not to like that a little bit. You have some limited sample editing in the shape of trimming… actually, that’s about it. When you’re done you can export your projects to the desktop MPC software or as a wave file.

It looks great fun to me. It’s interesting how it has to be Samsung Galaxy devices which, I guess, highlights the range in quality and capability of Android devices.

iMPC is available now from Soundcamp for £5.99. More information should become available on the Akai Pro website.

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