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 ·  Source: AKG

 ·  Source: AKG

Austrian studio equipment brand AKG has a new addition to its Content Creator series – the AKG Lyra. Lyra is a multimode USB microphone which delivers the well-respected legacy of the classic AKG C414 condenser microphone in a form suitable for podcasters, streamers and YouTubers.

So much for the marketing spiel. But what capabilities are on the table? The Lyra houses a 4-capsule Adaptive Array which enables four recording modes: front, front & back, tight stereo and wide stereo. This way, you can record two speakers opposite each other for a podcast, or a music performance in stereo, for example. Other features include an USB-C port, headphone jack for direct monitoring, and an integrated (removable) desktop stand. There’s an Internal Element Overload Prevention technology (not sure if it’s a safety feature or a limiter), an internal shockmount, and a built-in sound diffuser for reduced noise and optimal signal levels.

The digital component offers 192kHz/24-bit recording and compatibility with Widows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Mobile devices require adapters, such as the Apple Camera Connection Kit and an OTG Adapter Cable.

All in all, I see a well thought-out USB mic fit to carry the weight of the AKG brand. The price and availability details are yet to surface, but I presume this one will cost a bit more than the usual USD 199 that entry-level USB mics command. AKG would do well to throw in a pair of good headphone and sell this mic in a bundle, especially now that Black Friday and Christmas shopping frenzies are approaching.

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  1. Hi, nice summary and thank you. Lyra will be $149 U.S.

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