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Acustica Audio Asure

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Analog-obsessed plug-in developer Acustica Audio has a new release! Geared towards mastering engineers, Azure is a digital recreation of a hand-made passive tube equalizer from mastering engineer Zino Mikorey’s studio. Acustica tells us it modeled every component in the signal chain, including the tube make-up stages and transformers. It’s supposed to be a versatile tool that’s suitable for all genres of music, including typically challenging ones like classical and deep techno.

Acustica says there’s a difference from the hardware, though. Due to the different summing topology of the bands, the EQ acts more like a conventional equalizer where all bands are in series and give you the exact boost or cut cut levels. This makes it easier to use and evaluate the sound than passive parallel designs.

Azure’s two channels have four EQ bands for each – LF, LMF, HMF, and HF. Each band has a gain control, a Q control, and adjustable centre frequency. The bands can be switched on and off. Additionally, Azure has input and output gain controls, along with high- and low-pass filters. Both stereo and mid/side operation is possible. All in all, Azure is one badass-looking mastering EQ for sure! It reminds us of the latest mastering gear by SPL.

Price & availability

Sold at an introductory price of 143.65 EUR, Azure costs 169 EUR and is available in VST2, AU, and AAX formats for Windows and Mac computers. A trial version is available for testing purposes.

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