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NAMM 2022

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Saying we’re in the ‘middle’ of a global pandemic kind of glosses over the point that we’re not even in the middle of this pitiful situation. The coronavirus’ many terrible variants keep ravishing the population, while vaccines are a mere glimmer of the hope they promised. As the wave of terribly necessary Fall tour cancellations and lockdown measures rages on, it’s hardly surprising that Winter NAMM 2022 is being postponed and mashed up with NAMM’s Summer event. Which isn’t terrible news when you think about it. If it actually happens, the physical June 3 – 5 event will be a much more engaging experience compared to the pale online impression of what NAMM is supposed to be which we got last January.


Winter NAMM 2022 moved to June 3-5

Registrations for the event, which will be hosted in its usual mecca – the Anaheim Convention Center in South California – will open in March 2022. Information is understandably sparse at the moment. The organisers promise a reunion of “thrilling experiences, new customers, and unexpected opportunities” which sounds like the good ol’ NAMM we know and need. That would be education events, concerts, product demos and announcements, random encounters with pro audio moguls, and a whole lot of male ponytails – a full-blown physical NAMM. You can subscribe to the newsletter to get updates on how the event is shaping up.


Interestingly, this NAMM event isn’t labelled as Summer NAMM. Rather, it’s a “spring edition” of sorts. This means that a separate summer event may eventually happen.

Sensibly, the hosts are providing extensive health and safety measures to stop NAMM 2022 from becoming a super-spreader event. You can read all about them here. The gist of it is improved air ventilation and maximally safe product demos. Here’s hoping that we’ll get our gear back on track in June without harming anybody!

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NAMM 2022

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6 responses to “Winter NAMM 2022 moved to June 3-5: A chance for a reunion?”

    Dylan Winslow says:

    I have to object to this statement: “vaccines are a mere glimmer of the hope they promised.” The vaccines, for the most part, work as advertised. The problem, at least here in the USA, is the enormous number of people who refuse to get vaccinated or, indeed, anything else to limit the spread of Covid.

      Steven Bader says:

      ” or indeed, anything else to limit the spread of Covid”

      This is the key. Besides old age, obesity is one of the largest factors in severe Covid-19 reactions. Vitamin D deficiency also plays a significant factor in how a person’s success fighting Covid-19. As someone who is tenacious at keeping their body in top shape through diet, exercise, and certain hygiene practices, I have put in the work for years to make sure my immune system is primed to fight viruses. I shouldn’t be forced to take an experimental technology that isn’t even killing the virus. The “vaccine” is still allowing the virus to spread and mutate regardless if everyone is getting the vaccine or not. The vaccine seems like a quick fix to society’s lack of importance on personal health. Par for the course where consumption, quick “fixes” and consumerism are preferred over quality and hard work.

    William Paxson says:

    “vaccines are a mere glimmer of the hope they promised”? Huh? What kool aid you been drinking? The vaccines are the one bright spot in this whole mess. The problem, at least here in the West, is the “muh freedum” halfwits who won’t get vaccinated and insist on running around infecting everybody.

    Jesus Christ says:

    “while vaccines are a mere glimmer of the hope they promised”

    The only thing killing our hope is morons like you.

    The wolves used to help prevent stragglers like you from perpetually slowing down the pack, but now we’re stuck with you.

    milford d Grindstaff says:

    As a survivor of the CDEC SLPP tests in the seventies I learned to either trust masks or distrust researchers. Either way, if this was a full on situation , would anyone even tell the public? No matter where the disese came from, do we wait for the bulldozers and body bags plan as proposed during a homeland meeting. Scary eh? Wear a freaking mask dudes.

    Thomas says:

    Should of just kept it in Nashville and extended it a few days.

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