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Way Huge Purple Platypus Octidrive MkII

Way Huge Purple Platypus Octidrive MkII  ·  Source: Way Huge


Guitar pedal guru Jeorge Tripps is re-releasing the Way Huge Purple Platypus Octidrive pedal as a “MkII” version for 2019.


Way Huge Purple Platypus Octidrive WHE800

So what’s this beast – the Purple Platypus Octidrive MkII WHE800, to give it its full name – all about? Essentially, it’s a combination of the Way Huge Red Llama Overdrive and a frequency doubler in one pedal. The aim here is to mash up some smooth overdrive tones with an octave-up effect.

Unlike most octave-up pedals, though, this antipodean stompbox seems more versatile because it is also capable of effects in the ring-mod vein while also providing some big fuzz tones. This would make it appealing for people looking for more than just a regular overdrive pedal.

Simple Control


In addition to the Volume and Drive controls, the Purple Platypus Octidrive MkII also has a Hi-Cut control. This means you can make your guitar sound like all sorts of instruments – the official burb mentions sitar, but I ‘m not sure if that’s the direction I’d want to go in…

Jeorge Tripps’s pedals tend to give you some well-designed, clever effects with plenty of options to tweak (both external and internal). I own plenty of his pedals and I think they are great value for money, on the whole.

Ever since Dunlop went into partnership with Way Huge, the range has expanded rapidly. I think the Way Huge output is still of high quality, though, so no cause for complaints there. The build quality (both inside and out) on all the Way Huge pedals is almost bulletproof. For me, this is a huge benefit, as it means they can take a lot of hard use which is important when you’re gigging.

This pedal intrigues me and I am looking forward to hearing some reviews soon, as I like a bit of octave effect with my drive tones…

RRP – USD 214.27

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Way Huge Purple Platypus Octidrive MkII

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