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Wavelicker Thereminator

Wavelicker Thereminator  ·  Source: Wavelicker


Wavelicker has released a Eurorack module for generating gates and triggers in response to Theremin positional signals. Designed with Theremin artist Coralie Ehinger the Thereminator converts the CV output of the Theremin antennas into 3 gates and 3 triggers.



A Theremin already has a CV output and is normally used to control pitch. With the Thereminator you can also trigger or gate other modules, sounds and sequences. So you could trigger percussion, or the strike of Rings, or gate an envelope, or freeze a sample. It opens up the connection between Theremin and Eurorack with some very interesting and creative possibilities.

Coralie Ehinger demonstrates the potential in the video below. She says that it was her that persuaded Alain Gilliéron of Wavelicker to create the Thereminator:

He made an external gate for my theremin about a year ago. It boosted my creativity and totally changed my solo theremin performance : I am not using any playback nor computer device on stage anymore. I can play synth and my theremin simulteanously. So, we decided to improve this device and develop a eurorack module, so that other people can have access to this “augmented” theremin playing.

It’s pretty easy to setup, requires a bit of calibration and a lot of practice. You can adjust the threshold heights of the triggers in order to match the way you play. You can also choose whether to use the volume or the pitch antenna as the source of CV.


Check out the fabulous video for a full demonstration.

Thereminator is available now for 119 Swiss Francs.

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Wavelicker Thereminator

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