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Waldorf Kyra Discontinued lead

Waldorf Kyra discontinued  ·  Source: Waldorf


Waldorf has stopped the production run on its Kyra and Kyra SE VA synths. With the Waldorf Kyra discontinued, the story of the Exodus Valkyrie ends for good.


Waldorf Kyra Discontinued

I woke up to an email from Waldorf this morning, announcing that it had ended the production run on the Kyra and Kyra SE synthesizers. 

Waldorf Kyra SE
Waldorf Kyra SE · Source: Waldorf

“We regret to inform you that the Kyra and Kyra SE synthesizers have reached their end of life and will be discontinued,” the announcement stated. “There won’t be a new production run anymore. But you can still get devices from our dealers worldwide as long as the stock lasts.”

There are some limited “b stock” units available – see Thomann shop*.

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Waldorf Kyra Discontinued: Long-Running Rumors

Rumors of the Kyra’s demise had been circulating for a while, with the German version of Gearnews reporting on the story last summer. 

This follows recent news of the Moog One’s discontinuation.


Waldorf Kyra Discontinued: From Valkyrie to Kyra

The Kyra and its blue special edition sibling have had something of a contentious life. The Kyra started as the Exodus Valkyrie, a desktop format virtual analog synth with FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) technology, which you can also find in the UDO Audio Super 6 (one of the best sounding synths currently available) and Novation Peak and Summit, among a few others. 

Walforf reportedly saw the Exodus Valkyrie on display at Musikmesse in 2018 and asked developer Manuel Caballero to let Waldorf release it. Which it did, debuting it at NAMM 2019.

Waldorf Kyra Discontinued: What About the Source Code?

As Lasse wrote in the German story, many owners of the synth felt that it was unfinished and wanted more updates from Waldorf. However, Waldorf developer Rolf Wöhrmann revealed in a German-language interview with SequencerTalk that Waldorf could not develop any updates themselves because of an agreement with the original developer Manuel Caballero. 

Now that the end is official, there will be no future updates – at least not from Waldorf. Sad, as it’s a very capable synth.

The Kyra will remain available as long as stock lasts. Thomann currently has one left.

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Waldorf Kyra Discontinued lead

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3 responses to “Waldorf Kyra Discontinued: The Last Ride of the Valkyrie”

    Goombob says:

    Expensive doorstop.
    I’ll stick to Behringer.
    I’d rather pay $200 for a disposable synth than $2000.

    TheHandofLenin says:

    This is very old news. Waldorf announced this way back last year.

    SexDollTech says:

    Honestly, I was thinking the same thing as you @ Goombob is everyone still so rich these days

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