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Victory V4 Kraken

Victory V4 Kraken  ·  Source: Victory

Victory Amplifiers presented its new V4 The Kraken today. The pedal is a Class D 180 Watt powerhouse with a tube preamp section and Two Notes CabSim. This behemoth of an amp looks like all the best parts of the Kraken series of amp heads have been distilled it into a pedal format.

Victory V4 The Kraken

Based on a tube preamp section driven by a single EC900 and a trio of CV4014 tubes, which then feeds a Class D 180 Watt solid-state power amp, the Victory V4 The Kraken pedal isn’t messing around. The amp itself is divided into two distinct, switchable halves; Gain 1 is the more ‘vintage’ British sounding half, while Gain 2 is voiced for tighter bass response and referred to as American gain tone.

V4 Kraken

Victory V4 The Kraken

DynIR Virtual Cabinet

With controls for Bass, Middle and Treble, along with Master volume and two Gain 1/2 knobs, you have plenty of great amp tones available to you. You also have a digital Reverb and 6 Cab Sim presets onboard. The Two Notes Torpedo-embedded DynIR Virtual Cabinet technology allows you to load the 6 presets using a software editor on your computer and into the unit via the USB port on the rear of the pedal. Having the ability to load your tailored cab simulations is great, and I can see this being a huge selling point for The Kraken V4.

Victory V4 The Kraken rear panel

XLR balanced Out

You can also feed the cab sims out to FOH or a DAW via the XLR or balanced line output. This means you’ll get a natural sounding amp without too much fuss. The unit also has a series effects loop on the back, letting you integrate your external effects easily. It even has a dedicated 9VDC power output for powering those effects, making it a potential hub for your guitar rig.

The amplifier delivers a maximum output of 180 watts at 4 ohms. Since this impedance is rather uncommon for guitar speakers, here is the conversion: At 8 ohms it is about 90 watts, at a box with 16 ohms 45 watts are left.

Victory Two Notes Virtual Cabinets

Victory Two Notes Virtual Cabinets editing software


Pre-orders for the new Victory Kraken V4 are open from today. And that Two Notes Virtual Cabinets and software editor will surely make this monster pedal-sized amp one to be reckoned with. Direct from the factory, you have access to 6 presets created by Victory artist and Kraken collaborator Rabea Massaad. There are a total of ten virtual cabs that have been selected for the Kraken. You can access the rest of the boxes by connecting the amp to your computer and using the Two Notes remote software.

Looks like a sweet deal for all these features. And because of its super practical size, it should be great for gigs and recording.

RRP – GBP 799 / USD 999 / EUR 919

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