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Vermona meloDICER

Vermona meloDICER  ·  Source: Schneidersladen


Vermona’s new probability-based Eurorack sequencer the meloDICER is now available for some stochastically generated chromatic patterns and quantized control voltage.



We saw this previously at NAMM 2018 and then again at Soundmit late last year. The idea is that you have a bunch of sliders based on musical notes. The higher you push the slider the more likely it is that that note will sound in the pattern. meloDICER has two dice buttons that generate melody and rhythmic structures.

You have control over the octave range and then simply introduce notes to find the melodies you’re after. You have a knob for controlling the note length or increasing the variation. Another knob brings in rests to pepper the melody with more rhythms. Once you tire of the melody hit the dice button again. It’s a brilliantly simple and engaging way to discover melody and play with the notes you’re interested in.

Although I’ve heard that it’s been released there’s not yet any further information or price on the website so the best source of information since the previous videos from last year is this Instagram post from Schneidersladen who has it listed on their website for €429.


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It’s a well put together module which is something Vermona do brilliantly. It also reminds me of the Omsonic Stochastic Generator module which we were expecting to see in March but has probably been upset by the global delivery issues.

The meloDICER should be available any time now.

More information

  • Nothing on the Vermona website yet.
  • More from Vermona.



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Vermona meloDICER

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