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Omsonic SIG and SEM

Omsonic SIG and SEM  ·  Source: Omsonic


The fascinatingly named Stochastic Inspiration Generator from Omsonic and dBs Music is ready to take you on a probabilistic journey of melodic discovery and has a new expander to take it 4 tracks.


Stochastic Inspiration Generator

It just rolls off the tongue; Stochastic Inspiration Generator, and it looks as crazy as it sounds. This is a module I’ve been following for while with keen interest. It seems like both a simple and genius way to generate melodies. Simply push up the slider on the note you want it to generate, the higher the slider the more likely it is to sound in the sequence. It’s different to randomly generating a sequence, this is more like directing or conducting some notes and playing with their intensity. The idea can from musician Phineas Head (HeadCell) who when talking about more traditional sequencers asked, “instead of fixing steps and randomising progression, what if we fixed notes and probabilized selection?”

10 years later the idea has developed into a collaboration between dBs Music’s Modular Research Group and modular makers Omsonic.

At a basic level there are 3 main lots of probability going on. You’ve got Note Probability on the sliders, Octave Probability controlled on a row of knobs and Duration Probability controlled by a column of knobs. It will continue to generate notes based on the position of these controls forever, but you can choose a loop point at which it will repeat the last 18 events and let you tune that down to the loop you’re after.


You can do a whole load of other stuff to affect the notes like pushing the notes higher or lower, adding portamento, repeats, velocity, envelope, ratchet and so on. The control and the chaos that’s on offer is really quite extraordinary.


The Stochastic Expander Module (SEM) adds another 3 independent tracks to the SIG giving you 4 tracks of stochastic probabilistic melody generating awesomeness to play with. It also offers muting control over all 4 tracks.


We understood that they were taking preorders but it turns out they will only become available once they’re ready and there’s no list you can get on. You’ll just have to hang around the website and social media. They are in manufacturing now and anticipate having the first batch ready by the end of February.

The price of the SIG is £275 which seems very reasonable for such a deep and interesting module and the SEM is another £115 which you’re going to want, right?

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Omsonic SIG and SEM

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