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UVI PX P10  ·  Source: UVI


UVI has created a very cool soundbank for their UVI Workstation platform in the form of PX P10 “Analog Prophecy” inspired by the chunky and very rare dual keyboard Sequential Prophet 10.


PX P10

The Prophet 10 is quite an extraordinary thing to look at. You can imagine it on stage in the hands of ’70s and ’80s prog-rock bands. It was really two Prophet 5’s stacked on top of each other but with slightly more elegantly blended electronics. Per voice you had 2 oscillators, noise and a low pass filter and you could split it into two 5-voice keyboards, a single 10-voice keyboard or a single 4-VCO 5-voice keyboard for stacked unison sounds.

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The PX P10 attempts to do the same. You can load two programs at once and with unison mode you can go way beyond the 5 or 10 voice limitations. The soundbank comes with over 30,000 samples taking up 9.15GB of space distilled down to 309 presets in 15 categories.

The editor runs to several pages offering a synthesis-like editing experience on this sampled instrument. On the Main screen you get filter controls, patch selection and how they are layered. The Edit page is mostly about detuning, stereo field and modulation wheel effect. The Mod page offers up a step modulator and LFO. FX has an EQ, Chorus, Phasor, ENsemble, Delay, SparkVerb and Drive for some added grit. And then there’s an ARP for both upper and lower layers.

PX P10 sounds phenomenal and gives you just enough power to tweak and craft your own sounds. It’s available now for an introductory price of €49. It runs on MacOS or Windows and requires either the free UVI Workstation software or UVI Falcon.

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