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KAWAI Vintage Legacy Multi Edit  ·  Source: UVI

KAWAI Vintage Legacy K5 Edit  ·  Source: UVI

KAWAI Vintage Legacy K1 Edit  ·  Source: UVI

KAWAI Vintage Legacy Multi Browser  ·  Source: UVI

KAWAI Vintage Legacy  ·  Source: UVI


UVI bolster their already considerable vintage instrument sample library collection with KAWAI Vintage Legacy, their homage to the quirkier side of 80s digital synthesis.


KAWAI Vintage Legacy

As digital synthesis took hold, after 1983’s launch of the DX7, Japan became the centre of the synth world. Yamaha, Roland & Korg dominated the market whilst everyone else played catch-up. Numerous companies tried to get in on the act with varying degrees of success. Like Yamaha, KAWAI started making organs and then pianos, the latter of which they still make to this day. For decades, they have been highly regarded as instrument manufacturers, buying up such companies as Lowery along the way.

Digital with a Difference

But it wasn’t until 1986 that they entered the synthesizer market with the K3. This was soon followed by the K1, K4 and K5. Whilst the K1 was effectively a sample-based synth, the K3 and K4 used wavetables and the K5 employed additive synthesis. This diverse exploration of digital synthesis set them apart from the rest. This is why KAWAI synths are still highly regarded and sought after to this day. They even dabbled with drum machines, releasing the R100 12-bit PCM-based unit in 1987.

KAWAI Vintage Legacy Multi Edit

KAWAI for the 21st Century

The continued interest in KAWAI synths has clearly prompted UVI to assemble this extensive collection. They also seem to have had help from KAWAI themselves, judging by the notes in the manual and use of the KAWAI brand. Each of the five instruments are deeply sampled, as is the UVI way. They’ve also applied their excellent UI skills, making each instrument layout very similar yet completely functional. Filters, envelopes, creative effects and arpeggiators are available across the board. There’s even a collection of Multis that utilises all five instruments to deliver inspiring performances.

KAWAI Vintage Legacy K1 Edit

A Wealth of Digital Goodness

KAWAI Vintage Legacy features in excess of 1000 layers sampled from the hardware as well as over 1400 presets. Every patch is fully editable and owners of UVI’s imperious Falcon instrument can really dig into the weeds. Speaking of which, KAWAI Vintage Legacy can also be used with UVI’s free Workstation, delivery plugin and standalone functionality for everyone at no extra cost. Copy protection is via iLok and can be authorised on up to three computers or iLok keys for maximum flexibility.

More Information

UVI’s KAWAI Vintage Legacy is available now at a special introductory price of $89 USD/€89 EUR through May 8th 2023. After that, the price will be $149 USD/€149 EUR. KAWAI Vintage Legacy is also available as part of UVI’s superb Sonicpass subscription. Everything that UVI have made for $24/€24 a month!


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Image Sources:
  • KAWAI Vintage Legacy Multi Edit: UVI
  • KAWAI Vintage Legacy K1 Edit: UVI

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