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DSP Synthesizers USB-MIDI2CV and USB-MIDI2CVplus

DSP Synthesizers USB-MIDI2CV and USB-MIDI2CVplus  ·  Source: DSP Synthesizers


DSP Synthesizer’s Jan Ostman, the man behind the Tiny-TS Synthesizer amongst other things, has released two very useful USB MIDI-to-CV interfaces. The USB-MIDI2CV and USB-MIDI2CVplus are stunningly simple devices for controlling your modular from your DAW or software sequencer.



We tend to find MIDI-to-CV conversion in full Eurorack modules. Something simple and interesting like the Erica Synths Black MIDI-CV or something more complex and comprehensive like the Polyend Poly. But sometimes all you want to do is to run a sequence from your computer or play a few notes from your MIDI keyboard. The USB-MIDI2CV interface is perfect for that. It’s USB-HID compliant so requires no drivers and would work fine on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

The USB-MIDI2CV has a single gate and CV output on Eurorack sized jack sockets. There are 5 octaves of volt/octave output for notes with pitchbend on channel 1. Channel 2 gives you Hz/Volt output, also with pitchbend. There’s also a dual drum trigger output on Channel 10.

It’s ridiculously cheap at $40 including shipping. Why would you not have one?


Not content with making the simplest MIDI-to-CV converter on the planet Jan has pushed up the feature list just a little with the “plus” version. This has all the same stuff as the original plus a second CV output, and doubles up the drum trigger to a quad. The extra features push the price up to a whopping $69.

These are two of the most useful devices I’ve seen in ages. I can have quick and easy integration from a digital device into my modular without sacrificing HP space in my rack. They are both available now from his blog.

More information

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