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Yenn Seven Ystring

Yenn Seven Ystring  ·  Source: Yenn Seven

Controller pioneer Yann Seven has strapped two Sensel Morph controllers and overlays from the Joué Play controller to a piece of board to make an intriguingly awesome guitar style MPE controller.


MPE Control

The Sensel Morph and Joue controllers offer a very squishy and tactile way of expressing yourself over MIDI. Yann appears to have harnessed both their technologies to fit the fretboard overlay from the Joué onto the super pressure-sensitive surface of a pair of Sensel Morphs. This is giving him 2 octaves of expressive MIDI action in a guitar string format.

You can create custom templates for the Sensel Morph and specify spaces as MIDI notes and controllers. I imagine that the Joué fretboards are there to give a bit more certainty and accuracy over the placement of fingers as you play – gives you something to fiddle with. But there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of information at this stage.


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There’s no doubting Yenn’s innovation or his musicianship as the jazzy improvisation demonstrates. It’s a wonderfully expressive performance and I especially like the fact he appears to be doing it in the shower.

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  • Original post on KVR Audio.

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