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Sensel Morph Buchla Thunder

Sensel Morph Buchla Thunder  ·  Source: Sensel

Sensel makes those flappy exchangeable control surfaces that lie on the deeply sensitive Sensel Morph pad and provide different configurations of MIDI and MPE control. They have just announced the Buchla Thunder Overlay designed to mirror the classic controller invented by Don Buchla in 1989.

Buchla Thunder

The Sensel Morph is all about force sensitivity, ideal perhaps for taking on the pressure sensitivity of the Buchla Thunder. They worked with Buchla to ensure a smooth and expressive experience in line with their intentions and legacy. Each of the 27 areas transmits a dedicated note and then via the Sensel app you can start mapping the position and pressure to any MPE parameters you like. The design is brilliantly ergonomic and sits naturally under your fingers.

Both the original and the Sensel Morph version kicks out MIDI information and so to bring it into the world of modular synthesis you are going to need some MIDI-to-CV conversion. But of course, it can be used to control anything you like – software instruments or an MPE compatible DAW such as Bitwig Studio.

Here’s some action from the NAMM preview.

You can preorder the Sensel Morph with the Buchla Thunder Overlay for $269 or if you already have the Morph then it’s $59 for the overlay. Other overlays are $35 so it feels a little steep.

And here it is with a Buchla Music Easel.

More information

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