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Turbine Screenshot

 ·  Source: Boom Library


 ·  Source: Boom Library

Turbine Screenshot

 ·  Source: Boom Library

Boom Library has introduced a very interesting tool for intermediate and advanced sound designers – Turbine. The plug-in is quite difficult to explain in plain English, but we are giving it a shot anyway! Somewhat reminiscent of Output’s popular “engines” like Movement but quite different in practicality, Turbine’s sound generation capabilities stem from simulations of actual engines.

Said virtual engines, among which you will find more than a few fighter jets, are supposedly authentic recreations of their real-world counterparts. So it’s 2018 and we’ve gone from simulating dusty British analog circuits all the way to recreating classified military technology in order to coax music out of it. Yes, the audio industry is a splendid thing!

Due to the plug-in’s sheer exotic-ness, getting around Turbine can initially prove problematic, despite its relatively intuitive user interface. That’s why it comes with over 50 presets to set you off and show you what and how it goes where. Additionally, Boom Library provides a batch of handy videos on Turbine’s product page to assist you in learning how to make the most of it.

What results can you expect out of this sound design wild card? Boom says Turbine fares very well at recreating sounds like whooshes, pressure releases, robotics, sirens, musical fx, sci-fi elements, futuristic engines, home appliances, electric tools, flame bursts, and other tones & noises. The creators encourage liberal experimentation with these and other Turbine capabilities.

While the eccentric plug-in is good news by itself, you’ll have to have an iLok 2 license dongle in order to be able to use it. Not a big deal, but yet another little thing to worry about!

Price and release date

Turbine is available in VST, AU, and AAX formats for Windows & Mac computers. The introductory price is 149 EUR, which is fairly affordable for such peculiar sound design software. I am highly curious what sounds I can coax out of this thing for myself, so I might just jump on the 7-day free trial when I finish this post!

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