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TTSH V4  ·  Source: TTSH


TTSH V4  ·  Source: TTSH


TTSH or Two Thousand Six Hundred (see what they did there) is an ARP 2600 project by Swedish DIY producers The Human Comparator. Preorders have just opened on the new version 4 which should be available in August.



This new release is a collaboration with SynthCube who are offering 5 different versions depending on your budget and DIY preferences.

  1. You can have the whole thing assembled and tested for $3400.
  2. Full kit with the case for $1499.
  3. Full kit without the case for $1299.
  4. PCB set with front panel and case for $699.
  5. Just the PCBs and front panel for $499.

So if you can handle a soldering iron there are some significant savings to be made by going the DIY route as well as a load of fun in the process of building your own synthesizer.

There have been a number of updates to version 3:

  • Corrected the Pin out for the 2N3954/8
  • Corrected the missing trace on the filtercard 4072
  • Corrected the bc558 wring pinout on 4012 VCF Card
  • Corrected the ‘via’ filling that created issues with jacks
  • Add mainboard VCF header missing -15V power
  • Add mounting hole for Gatebooster PCB standoff
  • Removed dimming autostart on LED
  • PCB set includes Gatebooster and VCO Synch sub-PCBs; full kits include necessary parts for those sub-PCBs

But ultimately you are investing in a complete clone of the original ARP 2600 which will be available way before Behringer has had a go at it and in a form that you could assemble yourself.

More information

  • SynthCube preorder page.



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