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Dinsync RE-606

Dinsync RE-606  ·  Source: Danny Greggorio


The Dinsync RE-606 clone of the TR-606 drum machine is now available in a kit called the Roswell Bundle. It includes the PCBs, pots, jacks and transistors, everything else you’ll have to source yourself.



Best known for his RE-303 Bassline clone Paul Barker of Dinsync has been talking about the RE-606 since October last year. A video from a week or two ago revealed that his take on the Drumatix is alive and ready to go if looking a little bit naked. Check out this video by builder Danny Greggorio.


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The RE-606 features all the original drum sounds and functionality of the TR-606 and doesn’t try to embellish or add any improvements or enhancements. This is as close to an authentic Drumatix as you’re ever going to get.

The case is being worked on and should be available through Kumptronics who make a case for the RE-303.

Dinsync RE-606 Roswell Bundle

Dinsync RE-606 Roswell Bundle

Looking at the build guide and BOM it’s a challenging build and requires a range of DIY skills that might put it out of reach of novice DIYers. But you don’t know until you try. There’s certainly a good community of help available on the Dinsync RE-303 forum.

The Roswell Bundle is available now of 1,900.00 Kr which is around £150. Most of the components can be sourced from Mouser for about €100 but that doesn’t include the buttons and knob caps. At least that’s my interpretation from reading the forum but if you’d like to build one I’d recommend thoroughly studying every post.

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