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Vladimir Pantelic trig31

Vladimir Pantelic trig31  ·  Source: Vladimir Pantelic

Vladimir Pantelic has released a very neat trigger-to-MIDI converter called the trig31. It’s the perfect companion to his Euclidean Circles rhythm generator but will work with anything that creates trigger voltages and sends them straight out to your MIDI gear.


It’s not an inspiring name but this is a very useful module that could bring external MIDI sound sources into your Eurorack setup. The idea is that the 8 channels could trigger an entire drum kit in an external drum machine, or sound source. Eurorack modules are capable of generating all sorts of interesting rhythms and movements, the trig31 lets you apply them to sounds in that old drum machine, or groovebox that’s knocking around your studio.

Combining it with the 6 trigger outputs of the Euclidean Circles is a match made in heaven and Vladimir told me that’s exactly why he built this module.

For each trigger you can define the channel, note number and velocity. You can also save and recall up to 15 presets. The MIDI comes out on a little 3.5mm MIDI adapter cable. There are a number of modes that bring additional flexibility. “8-trigger” mode sends a MIDI note out for each input. “7+1” mode uses input 8 as a global accent for the other 7. “6+2” uses input 7 as an accent for triggers 1-3 and input 8 for 4-6. And finally “4+4” mode gives 4 inputs and 4 accents.

It’s simple, effective, only takes up 4HP and could open up more sounds to your Eurorack. It’s €149 and available now from Vladimir’s website.

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