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Thomann 70th Anniversary: Celebrate With April Deals & Exclusive Limited Editions

Thomann 70th Anniversary: Celebrate With April Deals & Exclusive Limited Editions  ·  Source: Thomann

70th anniversary Thomann

70th anniversary Thomann  ·  Source: Thomann


Thomann 70th Anniversary: The music retailer Thomann is celebrating 70 years in business. As Europe’s largest music store, that means plenty of deals, limited-edition models and promotions are coming your way – updated in April for all of you with lots of new gadgets. And for a whole seven months!


Thomann 70th Anniversary

This year marks musical instrument store Thomann’s 70th year in business. To celebrate, the European retail giant has a number of good things coming. This includes deals, limited edition exclusives, reissues and other promotions like raffles planned. What’s more, the best part is these celebrations will run for seven months until September. Additionally, some deals will continue over the entire period while others are time-based.

Thomann Synth Deals
The best Synth Deals – Thomann’s 70th Anniversary

These are some significant deals as well, and the limited edition models? You’re going to definitely want to check these out. Don’t forget to keep coming back throughout the year to see what new ones have popped up. Many new deals were added in April – you need to check it out!

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Thomann 70th Anniversary Deals
Thomann 70th Anniversary Deals

Just a quick look at the current list of deals (below) reveals exclusives from Fender, Eventide, Arturia, Polyend, Waldorf and many more. Limited editions will feature the usual Thomann turquoise colour and/or display the 70th Anniversary anniversary logo. Additionally, customers can also expect additional colour variants and even small gifts with their orders to celebrate Thomann 70th anniversary.

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More Information

It Was Seventy Years Ago Today

The Thomann story began in 1954, when Hans Thomann Senior started the music store in Treppendorf. Do a search for the town now. The first thing that comes up is Thomann and its massive flagship store. 

Thomann Treppendorf
Thomann’s headquarters in Treppendorf, Germany:

If you’re interested in the history of the company, check out the Thomann website for a more complete history lesson. Or, if you’re up for a road trip, head to Treppendorf yourself to check out the main store. With a sales area of over 6,300 square meters and specialized service workshops with nearly 200 trained instrument makers and specialists, it’s something to see.

  • Thomann 70th Anniversary
  • Thomann 70th Anniversary
  • Lightning & PA
  • Logistics

Thomann 70th Anniversary: Deals and Limited-Edition Exclusives

However, you’re here for the deals and exclusives. To whet your appetite, take a look at the tables below. They list the ongoing specials and first round of limited-time promotions. Don’t forget to keep checking back throughout the year, as every month will see new exclusives and deals.

These are ongoing specials and limited-edition models (updated in April):

BrandArticleSupplement ArticlePromo PriceDeal
Ibanez70th Anniv. GRG121SP-SV279,00 €Link
CortG 280 Select Amber299,00 €Link
CortG280 Select Trans Black299,00 €Link
CortMBM-2P Matthew Bellamy Sat.BK399,00 €Link
CortMBM-2P Matthew Bellamy S.Slv.399,00 €Link
CortX-700 Duality II Lava Burst499,00 €Link
CortX-700 Duality II Polar Ice499,00 €Link
ZoomG3n99,00 €Link
Keeley70th Anniv. HALO Andy Timmons309,00 €Link
Hotone70th Ampero Silver Edition179,00 €Link
DarkglassMicrotubes B7K Ultra v2 70th398,00 €Link
Surfy IndustriesSurfybear Compact 70th Anniv.279,00 €Link
Engl70th Anniv.E110Gigmaster110BCF199,00 €Link
GibsonLes Paul 59 HPT BB #28.099,00 €Link
Duesenberg70th Starplayer TV Black LTD2.549,00 €Link
SquierAffinity Strat Laurel SGErnie Ball 3221 3 Pack198,00 €Link
Harley BentonFusion-T HH Roasted FBB298,00 €Link
Baton Rouge70th Anniv. X11S/F-SCC189,00 €Link
Taylor70th Anni. 724ce striped Ebony3.690,00 €Link
Taylor70th 914ce Koa sh Edge Burst6.490,00 €Link
Taylor70th Anniversary 314Ce Koa2.499,00 €Link
Taylor70th Anniversary 114ce Koa999,00 €Link
LakewoodBlack Sheep 70th Anniversary1.895,00 €Link
GibsonL-00 Standard VSB2.222,00 €Link
Taylor214ce-SB DLX 1.198,00 €Link
TaylorAD26e Baritone-6 Special Edi1.390,00 €Link
Taylor114ce Special Edition Gloss798,00 €Link
HanikaCustom 50 PCP 70th Anni. 1/121.349,00 €Link
HanikaCustom Cut Pro 70th Anni. 2/123.499,00 €Link
HanikaCustom N-PF LH 70th Anni. 3/122.299,00 €Link
Walrus Audio70th Anniv. Slötva M T Reverb149,00 €Link
Xotic70th EP Booster Special LTD125,00 €Link
EarthQuaker Devices70th Anniv. Plumes S Shredder129,00 €Link
Warm AudioFoxy Tone Purple 70th Fuzz 129,00 €Link
EventideH9 Max Red 70th Thomann498,00 €Link
Engl70th Anniv. E212VB Pro LTD BCF629,00 €Link
Engl70th Anniv E112 VSB Pro Cab SL479,00 €Link
Orange70th Anniv. TH100H Black999,00 €Link
Orange70th Anniv. TH100H999,00 €Link
Engl70th Anniv. Metal Master E309599,00 €Link
Engl70th Anniv.E606 Ironball 20 SE1.149,00 €Link
Bulldog70th Anniv. Dragon One TSB99,00 €Link
K&M17525 Guardian 5 TranslucentK&M 14585; vielseitiges Gitarren-Werkzeug129,00 €Link
IK MultimediaUNO Synth Pro222,00 €Link
ArturiaKeystep Thomann Edition99,00 €Link
AKAI ProfessionalMPK 261298,00 €Link
WaldorfPulse 2 Limited Edition399,00 €Link
PolyendTracker399,00 €Link
KorgB2N259,00 €Link
KawaiES-120 BKawai SC-2 Bag599,00 €Link
CasioPX-S5000Casio SP-34 Sustain Pedal999,00 €Link
CasioPX-S3100 BK PriviaCasio SP-34 Sustain Pedal829,00 €Link
GewaDP 300G Black898,00 €Link
GewaDP 345 Black998,00 €Link
GewaDP 345 Rosewood998,00 €Link
GewaDP 345 White998,00 €Link
GewaUP 405 Black1.998,00 €Link
GewaUP 405 Rosewood1.998,00 €Link
GewaUP 405 White1.998,00 €Link
GewaUP 355 Rosewood1.498,00 €Link
GewaUP 355 White1.498,00 €Link
GewaUP 395 Black1.798,00 €Link
GewaUP 395 White1.798,00 €Link
GewaUP 395 Rosewood1.798,00 €Link
CasioCT-S1BKCasio SP-3 Sustain Pedal229,00 €Link
YamahaPSR-EW310259,00 €Link
M-LiveB.Beat 128GBM-Live B.Beat Midi Cable & M-Live B.Beat Light Case549,00 €Link
K&M18950K&M 18817 Universalhalter159,00 €Link
AKGK-18269,00 €Link
Genelec8030 Black LTD569,00 €Link
JBL305P MKII Bundle279,00 €Link
AlesisM1 Active MK379,00 €Link
SwissonicV789,00 €Link
SPLPhonitor 2 Black1.298,00 €Link
ZoomGCE-3 Audio Interface G3n Look44,00 €Link
AvidMBOX Studio698,00 €Link
YamahaAG01 BK19,90 €Link
YamahaAG01 WH19,90 €Link
EastWestHollywood TEC 3 Bundle649,00 €Link
FocusriteScarlett 2i2 3rd Headphone Bdl169,00 €Link
FocusriteVocaster One45,00 €Link
FocusriteVocaster Two69,00 €Link
FocusriteVocaster One Studio69,00 €Link
FocusriteVocaster Two Studio98,00 €Link
Native InstrumentsKomplete Collection 70th LTD70,00 €Link
Native InstrumentsStudio Collection 70th LTD70,00 €Link
SteinbergUR12 Black44,00 €Link
SoftubeConsole 1 Mk 2299,00 €Link
K&M16075K&M 16311 Kopfhörer-Wandhalter19,50 €Link
ZoomH4n Pro Black159,00 €Link
RTWTM3-Primus499,00 €Link
StudioRTACreation Station198,00 €Link
SennheiserE 945 Double Pack299,00 €Link
SennheiserE 945 Stand Bundle189,00 €Link
EVZLX 12P444,00 €Link
AltoTS 310298,00 €Link
AltoTS 315333,00 €Link
AltoZMX 86266,00 €Link
DynacordPowermate 1000-3 70th EditionThon Mixercase for Dynacord Powermate 1000-32.949,00 €Link
ReloopFlux Bag 70th Bundle388,00 €Link
ReloopRP 7000 T70 silver Bundle549,00 €Link
StairvilleLED Par56 MKII RGBA 10mm SI29,00 €Link
EuroliteLED Theatre COB 100 RGB+WW149,00 €Link
IgnitionCosima 640298,00 €Link
Cameo HydraBeam 400 4x10W Cree RGBWCameo GearBag 400 S399,00 €Link
Cameo Thunder Wash 600RGBCameo GearBag 300 S215,00 €Link
StairvilleDMX Joker V2 512 SLIM149,00 €Link
EnttecDIN EthergateEnttec 70th Anniversary EMU235,00 €Link
EnttecDMX USB Pro InterfaceEnttec 70th Anniversary EMU175,00 €Link
EnttecDMX USB Pro Interface BundleEnttec 70th Anniversary EMU199,00 €Link
EnttecODE Mk3Enttec 70th Anniversary EMU349,00 €Link
EnttecOpen DMX USB InterfaceEnttec 70th Anniversary EMU72,00 €Link
EnttecOpen DMX USB Interface BundleEnttec 70th Anniversary EMU79,00 €Link
ANTUNO G8 BHS149,00 €Link
RCFART 310 A MK IV333,00 €Link
TurbosoundiP1000 V2698,00 €Link
ANTGreenhead 10179,00 €Link
EVZLX 15P495,00 €Link
ReloopRMX-95 RP-7000 70th Bundle1.699,00 €Link
DynacordPowermate 1000-3 70th EditionThon Mixercase2.949,00 €Link
ANTBHS-1200498,00 €Link
HK AudioPulsar 70 Years Basis Bundle1.598,00 €Link
LD SystemsMaui 28 G2 Bundle998,00 €Link
K&M210/2 BlackK&M 23900, Quick-Release Adapter51,00 €Link
RolandVAD706-GE E-Drum Set4.990,00 €Link
RolandVAD706-GN E-Drum Set4.990,00 €Link
ThomannDrum Rug 70th Anniversary Edt.89,00 €Link
Vic Firth5A Terra Series Thomann Pack49,00 €Link
ZildjianS Series Performer Cymbal Set399,00 €Link
SchlagwerkLa Peru Fraké 70th Anniversary189,00 €Link
ZildjianThomann Anniversary Cymbal Set1.298,00 €Link
MeinlClassics Cu. Dual Anniversary998,00 €Link
MeinlByzance Dual Thomann 70th Set1.599,00 €Link
Istanbul AgopTraditional Jazz Set 70th Ann.898,00 €Link
Ludwig14"x5,5" Universal Black&Gold475,00 €Link
Ludwig14"x6,5" Universal Black&Gold495,00 €Link

These are only for the first 10 days of April 2024 and then they’re gone forever:

BrandArticlePromo PriceDiscountSupplement ArticleSupplement ValueDeal
FenderLTD Tom Delonge Strat BK998,00 €21,36%Link
GretschG6120 55 Chet Atkins Relic SHG5.990,00 €19,04%Link
Harley BentonCST-24T LH Paradise Flame222,00 €23,18%Link
Harley BentonMR-Modern BK149,00 €40,16%Link
OrangeRockerverb 50 Neo MKIII2.290,00 €11,89%Link
LAVA MUSICME 4 Carbon 36" Space Bag SPGR999,00 €23,09%Link
Taylor214ce-K Deluxe1.298,00 €23,60%Link
TaylorAcademy Series 20e698,00 €30,06%Link
TaylorBig Baby Taylor BBT WN444,00 €25,88%Link
GibsonHummingbird Dlx Burst4.444,00 €16,14%Link
ThomannC-404 BLK Set79,00 €10,23%Link
FishmanLoudbox Mini Charge444,00 €17,63%Link
DarkglassAlpha·Omega 900 Bass Head1.177,00 €8,19%Darkglass Microtubes 900 Bag105,00 €Link
DarkglassMicrotubes 900v2 Bass Head1.199,00 €8,05%Darkglass Microtubes 900 Bag105,00 €Link
Hughes&KettnerGrandMeister Deluxe 401.195,00 €14,28%Hughes&Kettner FSM 432 MK IV footswitch199,00 €Link
EnglInvader 2 E642/21.498,00 €25,06%Link
MaestroTitan Boost79,00 €38,76%Link
MaestroAgena Envelope Filter79,00 €38,76%Link
MaestroArcas Compressor Sustainer79,00 €28,83%Link
MaestroMariner Tremolo79,00 €33,61%Link
BehringerSolina String Ensemble279,00 €15,20%Link
KorgModwave MKII698,00 €10,17%Link
YamahaGenos 2 Speaker Bundle3.990,00 €10,22%Link
Universal AudioUAD-2 Satellite Quad169,00 €66,13%Link
EventideBlackhole69,00 €64,62%Link
EventideInstant Flanger Mk II69,00 €44,80%Link
EventideInstant Phaser Mk II69,00 €44,80%Link
EventideOmnipressor69,00 €52,41%Link
EventidePhysion69,00 €60,57%Link
SuperluxHMC-631 White29,00 €35,56%Link
SuperluxHD-668 B22,00 €24,14%Link
IK MultimediaiLoud MTM - White298,00 €10,51%Link
SwissonicV899,00 €37,74%Link
MackieEM-91CU+33,00 €48,44%Link
MackieOnyxGO Mic29,00 €57,97%Link
SuperluxE205U19,90 €43,14%Link
BehringerDR112DSP269,00 €11,51%Roadworx Speaker Stand 235,00 €Link
SennheiserXSW IEM A-Band + IE100Pro Set588,00 €6,52%Link
SoundcraftUi12329,00 €12,96%Soundcraft Ui12 Bag49,00 €Link
SoundcraftUi16545,00 €9,77%Soundcraft Ui16 Bag59,00 €Link
ANTSTART 16 HDM MIC SET 823-83279,00 €20,20%Link
YamahaStagepas 400BT689,00 €15,04%2x Roadworx Speaker Stand 2 + Thomann Cover Pro Yamaha Stagepas 400122,00 €Link
UDGDigi BackPack B/O155,00 €11,17%UDG Digi Hardcase Small 70th19,50 €Link
HerculesDJ Control Inpulse T7598,00 €14,02%Hercules Inpulse T7Premium Fader Module + UDG Digi Hardcase Small 70th97,50 €Link
CameoROOT Par 6111,00 €19,97%Cameo Flat PAR Can Remote9,70 €Link
Fun GenerationCL 105 A59,00 €25,32%Link
the t.mixxmix 1202 USB129,00 €18,87%Link
Ignition2bright Par 7 IP179,00 €19,37%Link
IgnitionWolfram 5001.111,00 €14,47%Link
StairvilleShow Bar TriLED 18x3W RGB WH189,00 €24,10%Link
Ape LabsApeLight mini V2 (B) TP 8 FC C1.598,00 €5,94%Link
SelaSE 013 Varios Cajon111,00 €30,19%Link
Pro Mark2B Classic Forward H.4pcs Pack44,00 €43,95%Pro Mark H-Rods34,50 €Link
Pro Mark5A Classic Forward H.4pcs Pack44,00 €43,95%Pro Mark H-Rods34,50 €Link
Pro Mark5B Classic Forward H.4pcs Pack44,00 €43,95%Pro Mark H-Rods34,50 €Link
Pro Mark7A Classic Forward H.4pcs Pack44,00 €43,95%Pro Mark H-Rods34,50 €Link
ThomannCrystal Singing Bowl CF 18"198,00 €20,48%Link

More Information

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Thomann 70th Anniversary: Celebrate With April Deals & Exclusive Limited Editions

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