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Woodworm Infestation found by Guitar Clinic in Equador

Woodworm Infestation found by Guitar Clinic in Equador  ·  Source: Facebook

Ecuadorian repair shop Guitars Clinic has uploaded a video on their Facebook page that reveals the moment they found a woodworm infestation inside a Yamaha guitar that was in for repair. Yes, bloody woodworm!

The moment that they flick off a piece of the guitar’s finish to reveal an infestation of woodworm is particularly gross. The Yamaha RGX 521 that was being repaired was in pretty bad shape anyway, but this family of woodworm has really done a number on it.

Weight relief?

Could this be the new relic look for 2019? I certainly hope not. Or maybe this could be a new, organic method of weight relief for those players moaning about guitars being too heavy? If you find yourself wondering if your guitar has somehow got lighter, you may well want to go check for these critters as they could be eating away all your lovely tonewood!

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W Todd

Wow…That’s pretty gross (and yet fascinating at the same time!) One of my personal guitars (see pic link) has an “Ambrosia Maple” top to it that came from a tree that had ambrosia beetles, but the end result was something beautiful, and the beetles were long gone by time my guitar was built. Those woodworms in the Ecuadorian pic remind me of termites…Ewww.


once stayed in a hotel in Italy that had them in the wood of the bed, nighttish, even the roofbeams… I expected them to eat the bed from underneath me, you could hear them at night… yet so fascinating at the same time! Still, the thought of having your fav guitar being eaten… nooo…