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Teenage Engineering TP-7

The Teenage Engineering TP-7: A new spin on handheld recording  路  Source: Teenage Engineering


The Teenage Engineering TP-7 is a 24-bit 96 kHz handheld recorder and interface with 128 GB internal storage and 7hrs of recording time.


We’ve all dabbled with field recording at one stage or another and up until now, the Zoom H-5 was a mainstay in the sock drawer of hipsters worldwide.

Teenage Engineering TP-7

At first glance, the TP-7 is reminiscent of the famous Nagra recorders from the Watergate scandal. However, politics aside, it is a sight to behold and has been ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of your hand for the utmost functional immediacy.

The centerpiece of the TP-7’s design is the motorized tape reel that spins as you record, allowing you to instantly scrub through the audio, pause recording, or navigate through menu functions.


Meanwhile, there is a see-saw-like control at your fingertips that Teenage refers to as “the rocker.” This works in conjunction with the wheel, giving you speedy fast-forward and reverse scrubbing functionality.

TP-7 App

The TP-7 app.

Need to transcribe speech into text? No problem. The TP-7 connects to your devices via BLE or USB, and the TP-7 app does the rest. Connectivity includes 3 TRRS stereo inputs/outputs, one main stereo minijack/headphones out, and there’s a built-in mic and speaker.

Also included in the package are a 6.35 mm jack adapter, textile USB-C cable, user guide, and reusable plastic storage box.

Pricing and availability:

The TP-7 will be shipping this Summer for $1499 and will be available from your favourite retailer.

More about the TP-7:

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Teenage Engineering TP-7

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12 responses to “The Teenage Engineering TP-7: A new spin on handheld recording”

    Drew D Leitch says:

    too expensive

    Luke says:

    $1600? Why not just use your phone? what features does this offer over using a phone and a micro SD card?

      xunt says:

      Doesn’t matter. Respectfully, people are still going to buy it.

      Those people are not me. I’d rather buy groceries or even a flagship keyboard/synth… Or more vaporwave tapes.

    Mark Ceries says:

    I use their modular patch cables for 2 outstanding reasons:
    They were a gift from a very good friend.
    They are of high quality – slim, less bulky with a pleasantly non-slippery surface feel.
    I own no other TE products, my growing Eurorack + desktop system is more than adequate to continue experimentation, inventiveness, creativity & expansion of consciousness + knowledge.

    Alan says:

    128GB is well over 150 hours at uncompressed CD quality. So why only 7?

    Donald Gillies says:

    the price is insane you can just buy an SLR for that money, and a mic. needs to be $300 to have a snowballs chance at succeeding …

    grrrz says:

    No xlr input, no 48v, pretty useless, am I supposed to plug a cheap minijack mike into a 1500$ recorder?

    Badman says:

    Foolish product 馃ぃeven if i won in a lottery…… or you have to be born as a rich to get interested. But these products fool the normal working man and let you open your eyes, you are nothing but a small ant in a bad System.

    Mike.P. says:

    Typical overly expensive teenage engineering gear. It鈥檚 probably fantastic in its own way and yet needs a second mortgage to acquire

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