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Framus Custom Shop WH-1 Signature Special Bionic Snake

Framus Custom Shop WH-1 Signature Special Bionic Snake  ·  Source: Framus


The new Framus Custom Shop WH-1 Signature model, dubbed the Special Bionic Snake, could well be the oddest guitar of 2021 so far. Made for Wolf Hoffmann of Accept, it features a Special Bionic Snake design which looks like it was drawn by one of my kids. You may want to look away now.


Framus Custom Shop WH-1 Special Bionic Snake

Call me old fashioned, but when I see a Flying V-style guitar with a massive great ‘Special Bionic Snake’ design emblazoned across the front of it, my brain just can’t help wanting to make fun of it. The new Framus Custom Shop WH-1 is the signature model for Wolf Hoffmann of Accept, and I am sure he likes it. But to me, this Special Bionic Snake design is about as cool as tight spandex pants on a mid-life crisis.

Framus WH-1 Special Bionic Snake

Framus WH-1 Special Bionic Snake · Source: Framus

Fishman Fluence

The guitar is loaded with a Fishman Fluence humbucker in the bridge and a single-coil in the neck. So it should, at the very least, sound pretty good and not suffer from too much ‘hiss’ when used with high-gain. The guitar itself is made using sand-blasted lacewood, and has chrome and green tones. The added snake motif gives a 3D effect to the design. It has a Tigerstripe Ebony fingerboard with Block Pyramid inlays and 24 small and high nickel frets, utilising the Framus IFT – Invisible Fretwork Technology with Plek fretwork.

WH-1 Special Bionic Snake with Green LEDs

WH-1 Special Bionic Snake with Green LEDs · Source: Framus

Shield your eyes

You also have a Kiss My Strings Floyd Rose system and a set of Graph Tech Ratio Locking machine heads, so your slithery friend shouldn’t slip out of tune mid solo. The neck has green LED side dots running along the edge to let you know where you are, when playing on a dark stage. To be fair, it is probably best the stage lights are off, as you might scare your audience when they see you wielding your Special Bionic Snake in front of them.



And if you thought the Special Bionic Snake was special, wait till you see the price tag. This monstrosity is retailing for $19500! And that’s without a hard case. But, to be fair, you do get a cleaning cloth and a hex key tool included in the price, so you know…

If you’re interested in owning this unique instrument, note that it is not available in Germany or the USA. You can follow the links below for more information.

RRP – USD 19500 including leather gig bag

More Information


Framus Custom Shop WH-1 Signature Special Bionic Snake

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3 responses to “The Special Bionic Snake is Wolf Hoffmann’s newest Framus Custom Shop WH-1 Signature model”

    LR says:

    At that price it should come with a custom tinfoil wrapped cucumber.

    JP says:

    Anyone else old enough to have witnessed the remarkable silliness of Wolf Hoffman, Jorg Fischer and Peter Baltes doing the ‘Accept Axe Swing’ in the mid-80s will appreciate that a Special Bionic Snake paint job is one of Hoffmann’s more mature ideas… 😉

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