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Keeley Hydra Stereo Reverb & Tremolo

Keeley Hydra Stereo Reverb & Tremolo  ·  Source: Keeley

Keeley just released its new Hydra Stereo Reverb & Tremolo, a sweet sounding little blue box that combines a stereo reverb and tremolo into a single unit. You get three of each type of effect and can arrange them in any order you choose. Let’s take a closer look.

Keeley Hydra

The many heads of the Hydra offers players three different reverb algorithms including spring, plate, and room, and three different tremolo types that include harmonic, vibrato, and sine wave. You get controls for the tremolo Rate and Depth, plus  Dwell, Mix, and Colour for the reverb. The two footswitches are for the reverb and the tremolo effect.

Keeley Hydra Stereo Reverb & Tremolo

Keeley Hydra Stereo Reverb & Tremolo

Infinite Hold Reverb Trails

Hydra also has a set of secondary controls that let you arrange the order of effects, or to change the character of the Tremolo or Reverb with the smart Alt Controls. You also have an Infinite Hold Reverb Trails setting, which is nice. The ability to use an expression pedal that can be assigned to any knob is also very appealing. It also has a tap tempo available onboard, or by using an external pedal, perfect for live situations or to experiment with on the fly.

Keeley Hydra Stereo Reverb & Tremolo has a handy expression pedal input

Keeley Hydra Stereo Reverb & Tremolo has a handy expression pedal input, plus stereo/mono outs and tap tempo

Three Presets

The pedal has three user presets, allowing you to save your favourite settings. It may not be a lot, but I kind of feel you’d want to tweak this pedal anyway. As such, it gives you three places to start from and then build upon.

I really like the stereo nature of the Hydra, and the user interface looks pretty simple. No annoying menu systems here. There are a few layers to some of the controls, but nothing too complex, so it looks user friendly enough. Best of all, it sounds pretty sweet and does some really beautiful subtle effects. Sure, you can go a bit crazy with it if you want to, but overall I get the impression its strength is in its subtleties, which can reward you with some lush, understated tones.

The pedal can switch between True-Bypass or Trails modes, and runs via an external 9v power supply. The new Keeley Hydra certainly covers a lot of ground, and you can hear it in action in the demo videos below.

RRP – USD 249

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