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Keeley Hooke Reverb

Keeley Hooke Reverb with virtual springs that you can adjust  ·  Source:

American boutique pedal makers Keeley have just announced the Hooke Reverb, a “neo-vintage spring reverberator”. With three distinct reverb types in one pedal, this has some of its origins in organ tones, of all things. And it offers the ability to tweak how tight or loose your ‘virtual’ springs are!

Digital Springs

Spring, Trem-Verb and Fugue are the three reverb types contained in the new Hooke Reverb pedal. The spring reverb algorithm is based on a digital filter which then samples different types of spectral delay filters within the pedal. In easy to understand terms, they model spring reverbs and allow you to also adjust how tight the springs are within each model.

This new reverb effect seems quite versatile and can even model a ‘Black Face’ (a classic Fender amp famous for its reverb) reverb using the Trem-Verb setting.

Virtual Fugue

The Hooke Reverb uses a higher and lower octave setting within the Fugue model, which is their ‘organ’-based reverb effect. This tries to emulate those thick reverb tones associated with the ambience created by a real organ.


On the front panel you get four main control knobs for adjusting Level, Tone, Spring (for looser or tighter springs) and Reverb. With all this control plus the three internal switches, there’s a lot of spring reverb effect for one compact pedal.

Inside are controls for Spring-Plate, Vibro-Spring and Long Decay Trem-n-Verb. These internal settings allow you to modify the way the pedal reacts and are geared towards more advanced users. Each offers classic reverb types by combing tremolo with reverb or allowing for longer decay times, for example.

I would have preferred to be able to choose the internal settings without opening up the pedal, but that is because I am lazy and like to tweak without having to un-screw the thing to get at the sounds.

Check the demo videos below for more in depth details about the pedals design.

RRP £149

For more details on Keeley’ Hooke Reverb, visit their site.


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